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SulfonylureasSulfonylurea is a drug group that was created in 1955. It is used for people with Type 2 Diabetes. Sulfonylureas help beta cells produce more insulin. Unfortunately people with Type 1 Diabetes cannot use Sulfonylureas because it will not work. It also will not work with people who have Type 2 Diabetes, but their beta cells no longer produce insulin. This loss can be found in people who have had Type 2 Diabetes for 6 to 15 years. If the beta cells do produce insulin, Sulfonylureas along with the rapid insulin releasers Prandin and Starlix can stimulate the production.

The first generation Sulfonylureas include Orinase (tolbutamide), Tolinase (tolazamide), and Diabinese (chlorpropamide). These medicines are good for lowering blood sugar, but have a disappointing problem. They can be dislodged by other medications because they bind to proteins found in blood, which the other medicines also do. If this occurs, they will not have a good affect and cause low blood sugar. It is known that first generation Sulfonylureas is becoming less common because the second generation versions are stronger and have less of a side-effect.

There is also second and third generation Sulfonylureas. The second generation includes Glucotrol, Micronase, Diabeta, and Glynase. The third generation consists of Amaryl. They are ideal for people who use other medications because these will not bind which will less likely cause blood sugar to lower.

Sulfonylureas are the most effective when taking routinely every day. Glyburide and Glipizide are often taken twice a day because they are shorter-acting versions. They are usually taken half before breakfast and half before dinner. Long-lasting versions can be taken once a day instead of twice. Besides helping the production of insulin, Amaryl is also less likely to cause low blood sugars than other Sulfonylureas.

There are side-effects when taking a sulfonylurea. Sulfonylureas can induce Hypoglycemia if the insulin production is too much. If this were to happen it can be treated by a sugary food. If it turns into a hypoglycemic coma, parenteral, glucagon and intravenous dextrose is administered by injecting into the arm or muscle. A good way to prevent this from happening is by finding the lowest dosage possible that will handle your glucose levels correctly.

Just like insulin, Sulfonylureas can cause weight gain. Other side-effects include headaches, and upset stomachs. Second generation Sulfonylureas have a greater chance of weight gain in people who use them, but they do not have much else when it comes to other side-effects. They do happen to cost more money, though. It is also important to know that if you are pregnant or plan on getting pregnant in the future, Sulfonylureas are not used during pregnancy because of the risk of causing birth defects.

The greatest risk when starting a sulfonylurea is having a low blood sugar level. It is important to check your blood sugar levels often especially when exercising, before meals, and other activities. After a month or two of using Sulfonylureas, you will be more knowledgeable on how your body acts with it. Hopefully Sulfonylureas will benefit you and make your life more pleasant.


metaglipThe Metaglip tablets are designed for an individual that has type 2 diabetes. Along with a structured diet and exercise regiment, these pills can assist in controlling the systems glucose levels. An individual that has been diagnosed with this type of diabetes can produce some insulin from their pancreas. However, some individuals may need insulin injections as well. Never mix medication or add insulin injects without the doctor’s approval. These tablets are taken for those people that do not require insulin injections. The Metaglip tablets are created with two kinds of medicine. These are Glipizide and Metformin. The Metaglip medication was created so an individual would only have to consume one tablet instead of mix the two together. This medication works well to assist the pancreas to produce the correct amount of insulin naturally so injections are not required. The tablets also assist in breaking down the sugar levels that are produced by the liver as well as what is absorbed into the intestines.

Before an individual begins this kind of treatment, there are pieces of information that they need to know. A physician will explain everything that a patient needs to know. Always follow the medical care provider’s instructions. If any questions or concerns are present, address them right away.

  1. An individual should never mix medication. They should also follow the doctor’s prescribed dose. The Metaglip should be taken at a certain time each day. A person’s body needs to get use to this kind of treatment. Always take the medication with food.
  2. Over-the-counter medication may be harmful if a person is also taking Metaglip tablets. If other medication is required, discuss the options with the physician. They may decide to prescribe something different or lower the dose.
  3. Do not drink excessive alcohol when taking this medication. Moderation may be an alright solution. However, alcohol lowers the systems blood sugar levels immensely. Discuss with the medical care provider if liquor can be consumed in moderation.
  4. Other aliments may adversely affect the Metaglip medication. If an individual is at risk for high blood pressure, heart problems or stomach complications, communicate this with the physician. Other medical conditions may be a factor as well; any history of problems should be discussed with the doctor as well.
  5. Pregnancy as well as nursing may be an issue with taking these tablets. If an individual is pregnant or thinking about becoming so, discuss the options with the health care provider.

Side effects are fairly rare but they can show themselves at different times. An individual with a history of adverse effects from medication should be wary when taking the Metaglip tablets. If anything unusual is happening contact a medical care provider right away, serious reacts need to be dealt with immediately.

  1. A rare disorder could be found in patients using the Metaglip medication. This is called lactic acidosis. This is caused when the kidneys or liver is not working properly, too much alcohol is consumed or an individual is taking various other medications as well. The symptoms include but are not limited to major fatigue, dizziness, difficulty in breathing or low blood pressure. If an individual is experiencing any of these symptoms or anything out of the ordinary, seek medical care immediately.
  2. The most common aliments can be flatulence, headaches, nausea or vomiting and stomach problems. These symptoms are fairly common and usually leave on their own after a few days of the treatment. However, if they do persist or become worse with time, contract the physician in charge and explain the concerns.
  3. There are times will an individual may experience more severe symptoms that they will need to receive medical attention for right away. These can include but are not limited to allergic reactions, discomfort in the chest or stomach regions, mood swings or cramps in the muscles. An individual may also experience other symptoms. If anything seems out of the ordinary or harmful, seek a medical professional immediately.


micronaseWhen an individual is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes certain requirements must be present. A person’s body does not produce enough insulin to keep glucose levels under control or the insulin that is formed is not used properly by the body. Proper diet and exercise is important to maintain the blood sugar levels at a safe range. However, when this is not enough, Micronase tablets may be prescribed. An individual that does not need insulin injections can use this medication to control and maintain the insulin produced from their pancreas. For this type of medication to work correctly, an individual must follow a diet and exercise regiment. Alone, this medication will not help the system. The Micronase tablets come in 1.2mg, 2.5mg as well as 5mg. The doctor will prescribe the correct dose and strength for an individual’s needs. This depends on the amount of insulin that is produced as well as the breakdown of the glucose levels inside the body.

There are several key pieces of information an individual will need to know before taking this medication. The physician will discuss with the patient the correct procedures to follow. Any questions or concerns must be asked before the medication is taken. If there are other medical conditions or medications that are currently being taken, the doctor must know immediately. This can cause a diverse affect on an individual’s system.

  1. An individual should take this medication as prescribed. Usually, it is taken at breakfast each day. The Micronase medication should be taken the same time of day, everyday. If more than a once-a-day regiment is required, an individual should allow 12 hours between each dose.
  2. Never miss a dose. Everyone is forgetful now and again. If a dose is missed, take it as soon as remembered, with food. Never take more than 1 pill at a time.
  3. Any medical conditions previous to the diabetes should be discussed with the physician. An individual with certain heart or system problems may not be allowed to take the Micronase medication. It is vital that the correct tests are done to ensure a healthy body. An individual that has other health issues that have not been diagnosed could cause massive health problems when this medication is taken.
  4. An individual will need to talk with their doctor if any other medication is being consumed. This can include over-the-counter pills or vitamins as well as minerals. Mixing of any medication can reduce the risks of additional problems that may be present. It is vital to communicate with the doctor.

Side effects when taking Micronase tablets are extremely rare. However, cases are present at times. After starting the treatment, make notes of any odd occurrences that a person has never experienced before. Mild reactions are fairly common in the first few days, but more serious issues can arise. Any concerns or questions need to be addressed right away to protect an individual’s health and well being.

  1. An individual may develop mild causes of heartburn, swelling or feeling sick to the stomach. These symptoms are fairly common and usually leave within a few days of the on-going treatment.
  2. Low blood sugar problems may develop. The Micronase medication is designed to assist the body in producing more insulin. If this medication is taken too often or an individual is not eating properly, diverse effects may be present. Testing the glucose levels often can assist in keeping the levels in a safe range. When low blood sugar is present eat a hard piece of candy and test again. If the glucose levels are still in an unsafe range, contact a medical care provider right away.
  3. An allergic reaction is extremely rare with this medication. However, if allergic reactions have happened in the past with certain medication, explain this to the doctor. The symptoms could include a large rash, difficulty in breathing or fever. Contact a physician right away if any of these occur while taking the Micronase treatment.


miglitolMiglitol tablets are used in individuals that have the type 2 version of diabetes. This medication assists the pancreas in producing enough insulin to keep the glucose levels in a safe range. This medication is used when an individual cannot control their insulin output with diet and exercise single-handedly. The Miglitol medication works by breaking down the added carbohydrates and sugars that are consumed at mealtime. It also stimulates the pancreas to produce more insulin when the system’s blood sugar levels are too high. When an individual does not control their blood sugar levels, heart disease and organ failure can occur. A person may experience the need for insulin injections as well. It is vital for the health of the patient to manage and maintain their blood sugar levels.

An individual should follow their doctor’s directions to a tee. Usually this medication is taken 3 times daily with food. There are various reasons why this dose may be higher or lower. An individual may need to take certain medications for other problems they are experiencing. This can interact with the Miglitol tablets. A person may not be following the recommended diet and exercise regiment. An individual may be ill with a cold or the flu. This can cause an individual not to be eating correctly or exercising appropriately. If any life changes are happening, even temporary, it is important to discuss this with the physician. They may need to prescribe other treatment or change the dosage that was previously given.

There is some information that an individual needs to be aware of before the Miglitol treatment begins. If there are in questions or concerns, discuss this with the doctor before beginning this regiment. It is vital to understand all the instructions and follow them closely. All medical history, risks of diseases as well as allergic reaction to any medication should be made aware of to the medical professional.

  1. Other medication could interact with the Miglitol tablets that could cause diverse affects. All pills, even over-the-counter medication, should be discussed with the doctor. Even vitamins can cause problems with the diabetes medication.
  2. Check blood sugar levels often. If they are too high or too low, contact a doctor and see if medical attention is necessary. When these levels are in the danger zones, seek medical attention immediately.
  3. Never miss a dose and never double dose. This can cause adverse effects in a person’s system. If an individual missed a dose, skip it and take the next installment. Then continue on the regular schedule.

Side effects can be common within the first few weeks of treatment. These bothersome occurrences should go away by themselves. However, if they linger, persist or become worse, it is vital to call the doctor immediately. An individual may also experience rare side effects as well. These generally need medical attention right away. If unusual or strange symptoms appear, contact the physician right away. It may be nothing to be concerned about, however with all medication it is better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Stomach discomfort, a mild rash or diarrhea may occur while the body is getting use to the medication. These symptoms should be relieved in the first few weeks of steady treatment. If they linger, contact a medical care provider right away.
  2. The Miglitol tablets do not lower blood sugar levels. They are merely to assist in stimulating the pancreas as well as breaking down chemicals that cause high blood sugar. Unless a person is taking other forms of lowering agents, an individual should not experience a drop in blood sugar levels.
  3. There are symptoms related to high as well as low blood sugar levels. If an individual is experiencing major fatigue, dizziness or sweating, an individual may have low blood sugar. Check the levels with a tester. When a person is suffering from feeling thirsty, hunger or weakness, this could be a sign of high blood sugar. If either is extreme, seek medical care right away.


NateglinideThe Nateglinide tablets are designed for individuals that have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This medication may be prescribed along with other diabetic pills. Remember to never mix medications unless directed by a physician. An individual with this disease has troubles digesting carbohydrates and sugars. The pancreas does not produce enough insulin to break down the blood sugar levels to maintain a healthy body. This pill assists the pancreas in producing more insulin into the system. The Nateglinide tablets are usually taken between 15 to 30 minutes before a meal, 3 times daily. The dose may be different depending on each individual’s diet habits and lifestyle. Always follow the recommended dose that the doctor prescribes. Do not take more or less unless the physician gives their approval.

This medication may not work well with certain medical condition. An individual will need to give their complete history to the physician in charge. If a person has any kidney or liver problems, been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes or drink alcohol excessively, this type of medication may not be appropriate. Discuss all the medical problems that have been present or may arise with the health care provider. Allergic reactions to certain medications may be a cause for alarm as well. Even though, reactions to the Nateglinide medication are rare, they can be severe if not treated right away. Other medications that are being consumed could interact with this type of diabetic pill. If any other kinds of medication are needed, tell the doctor right away. Even over-the-counter pills can cause a conflict with the Nateglinide tablets. Pregnancy can interact with this medication as well. It is important to let the physician know if an individual is pregnant, thinking about becoming a mother or nursing an infant.

This tablet will not work alone. An individual will need a regular diet and exercise regiment to maintain their desired blood sugar level range. The Nateglinide pill is designed to help control the amount of insulin that the pancreas produces. Eating correctly and exercising regularly will allow this medication to work properly. An individual should talk with their doctor about what happens if they miss a dose of their medication. Typically, it is not a good idea to miss a dose of medication. However, people are forgetful at times. Generally, if a dose is missed, skip it entirely. Continue with the prescribed routine as normal. Never double dose as this could over stimulate the pancreas and produce too much insulin for the body.

Side effects are usually rare. Nevertheless, some may occur during the first few weeks of the Nateglinide treatment. This is because the body is getting use to this new type of medication. After the initial first few weeks, no side effects should be present. If these symptoms persist or worsen, seek medical assistance right away. There may be an underlying factor. If anything out of the ordinary is happening or a person is feeling sick, they may want to contact a medical care provider. All questions or concerns about side effects should be addressed before taking the pills.

1. An allergic reaction is very rare but may be present in some patients. Difficulty breathing, a large rash or swelling could be all symptoms of an allergic reaction. If this happens, seek medical care right away.

2. Dizziness, cold or flu like symptoms, headaches or discomfort in joints or the back are symptoms of the common side effects. If these do not go away within a few weeks or worsen, seek medical care immediately.

3. Serious side effects that need medical attention right away are confusion, low blood sugar, high blood sugar or seizures. They could be an underlying cause of another condition or they could be an adverse affect with the Nateglinide tablets.


orinaseThe Orinase tablets are designed to assist the pancreas in producing enough insulin to break down the sugar and carbohydrates that are present inside the body. This medication also helps control as well as maintains the method in which the body uses the insulin. A person with type 2 diabetes cannot produce enough insulin naturally to break down the high sugar levels. There are times when type 2 diabetic patients may need an insulin injection. This is especially true when a person is feeling ill or stress is apparent. It is important to remember that Orinase medication is only an aid to the pancreas. Diet and exercise regiments are vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Always follow the doctor’s directions. They may need to change the dose because of alterations in an individual’s lifestyle. This could be because of stress, illness or other medications that need to be taken. A person with aliments or stressful home or office life may not be eating properly or failing to complete their exercising regiment. Typically, the Orinase medication is taken 15 to 30 minutes before a meal, 3 times a day. These tablets should be taken around the same time each day. If an individual misses a dose, it is important to wait until right before the next meal to take the tablet. Sometime forgetfulness can happen, if a person is not sure if they took their medication or miss it completely, skip it. Then continue the set routine. Never double dose or take other medication without the approval of the doctor. An individual can inquire about the proper procedure to follow if they do forget their medication. All questions or concerns should be addressed before an individual begins this treatment.

There are certain pieces of information that an individual needs to know before they take the Orinase medication.

  1. Other medication may affect how the Orinase tablets work. An individual may need to take certain pills for other aliments they could have. Even over-the-counter medications should be discussed with the doctor. These pills could interact with the diabetes medication that is currently being used. Adverse affects could happen if the physician is unaware of these other pills.
  2. A person needs to check their blood sugar levels often. An individual also needs to pay extra close attention to the direction for consumption. If a person makes a mistake with their medication, extreme low blood sugar is a possibility.
  3. An individual with certain kidney, liver or heart problems will need to express this to their doctor. When taking Orinase tablets, adverse affects could happen if these are not expressed to the physician.

Serious side effects are usually rare with the Orinase tablets. However, there are a few common effects that can be present in the first few weeks of beginning this treatment. These problems usually go away and never come back. If any of the common side effects persist or worsen, seek medical advice right away. When a serious effect is present, it is vital to get to the medical care provider immediately. Severe problems may arise if it is not treated right away.

  1. Slight swelling, feeling sick, heartburn and bloating are common occurrences in the first few weeks.
  2. Extremely low blood sugar may be a dangerous side effect. Even though, this is rare it can happen when the proper care is not correctly administered. Other medication, excessive alcohol and not eating could cause this to happen. Always check the blood sugar level in the body. If it is extremely low, eat a hard piece of candy and wait 30 minutes. Test again. If it is still low, contact a health care provider right away.
  3. An allergic reaction is very rare. However, if an individual is experiencing a large rash, trouble breathing or sweating, medical attention is needed right away.


PramlintidePramlintide is the generic version of the drug Sylmin. This type of medication is injected under the skin. It can be used in type 1 as well as insulin dependant type 2 diabetes. The Pramlintide injections are actually medicine and not insulin. This type of treatment is designed for a person to control their blood sugar levels by breaking down the glucose after a meal. It can assist in making the digestion of the food slower so the intestines do not overload on sugar levels. This style of medication is used with insulin to control and maintain an individual’s blood sugar levels effectively. It is important to remember not to mix medications without the doctor’s approval. The Pramlintide injections are created for people that must take insulin as well and that another form of oral medication or when insulin alone is not sufficient. There is a strict regiment that one must follow to be healthy when taking this medication. Any questions or concerns should be addressed immediately before using this type of injection.

Before an individual is prescribed with the Pramlintide medication, the doctor will have easy to follow steps concerning the injections. These must be followed exactly to avoid any adverse effects. Typically, this medication is injected right under the skin often throughout the day. It needs to be used before each meal that has more than 250 calories or 30 grams of carbohydrates. This will allow the system to digest slowly and allow the sugar to pass though the system, gradually. An individual should never mix their medications. The Pramlintide medication and the insulin that an individual takes should be given in separate syringes. This medication is distributed in a vial. An individual should inspect the Pramlintide medication before it is used. The liquid should be clear and colorless.

An individual will need to be aware of their blood sugar levels often. It is vital for ones well being to test with glucose levels several times throughout the day. The added medication with the insulin injections could possibly lower this to dangerous levels. Always have a piece of hard candy in the purse or pocket in case this occurs. There are also quick-acting glucose tablets that an individual can purchase for added security. Also, it is important to know the symptoms of a quick drop of the blood sugar. These include but are not limited to fatigue, sweating, dizziness, blurred vision or in the most severe case, seizures. If a person cannot raise their levels, it is vital to seek medical assistance right away.

There are several side effects that an individual should be aware of. These should be discussed with the physician to explore options when and if they occur. Any questions or concerns should be addressed right away to have the knowledge in case something unfortunate does happen.

  1. Eating correctly is a must. If an individual does not follow all the directions and take the dose accordingly to their meal, low blood sugar can become an issue.
  2. Mistakes in the dose or not following the doctor’s order can cause harm inside the system. Follow every instruction to the tee and any information that is not understood should be questioned.
  3. The physician will explain that starting the Pramlintide treatment slowly will assist the body in getting use to the medication. Certain side effects may be present during the first few weeks. However, in time they should not be a factor any longer. These can include nausea, stomach discomfort or mild fatigue. If these symptoms persist of get worse, seek medical care right away.
  4. Allergic reactions at the injection site may be apparent. This could be redness or swollen skin. An individual will need to change the location. If this persists, contact a doctor for other options that may be available.


prandinThe Prandin medication is used for individuals that are not insulin dependant, as of most type 2 diabetes patients. With this disease, the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin naturally to break down and control the sugar levels in the body. Usually, this medication is stand-alone; however an individual may be prescribed another form of oral medicine as well. It is vital to never mix medications without the approval of the physician. The reason that more than one kind of medication may be used is because the system is still not producing enough insulin to keep the person healthy. The Prandin tablets are designed to stimulate the pancreas to release more insulin into the body as well as controlling the amount used. This pill needs to be taken while on a strict diet and exercise regiment. An individual will need both the tablet as well as the regiment to maintain enough insulin in their body.

It is vital to follow all directions that the doctor gives to ensure the proper habits are being preformed. Testing blood sugar levels should be done often to understand if the pill and diet regiment are working correctly. Low as well as high glucose levels can cause irreversible damage to the system. An individual typically will take the Prandin tablet 15 to 30 minutes before a fulfilling meal. Snacks are not affected unless large amounts of sugar or carbohydrates are consumed. There are different doses that an individual may be prescribed to take. These are .5mg, 1mg as well as 2mg. This will be decided on each individual. The doctor will take in various considerations when they make this choice. It is vital to tell the physician if changes in lifestyle, stress, anxiety or illness are occurring. This can all affect the dose of the Prandin medication.

There are several pieces of information that a person must remember while taking this medication. If any questions or concerns are present, speak to the physician immediately to resolve any conflicts.

  1. Alcohol should be avoided because this kind of beverage causes low blood sugar levels. However, discuss this with the doctor if a safe amount can be consumed.
  2. Other medications, even over-the-counter pills can cause adverse effects. If medications need to be consumed while taking the Prandin tablets, ask the physician if it is safe. They may decide to try another treatment or lower the dose that is currently being taken.
  3. Be aware of the signs for low blood sugar levels. These symptoms include but are not limited to sweating, mood changes or unusual fatigue. Always check the glucose levels and act accordingly. It is always a good idea to carry glucose tablets or hard candy at all times. Never miss a meal. Eating properly controls the medication inside the system.

There are several side effects to be aware of. However, most individuals may not experience any of the symptoms at all. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to know what to do in case the symptoms appear. Discuss any concerns with the physician as well as a plan of action in case they present themselves.

  1. There are several side effects that may present themselves that do not need medical care. These could be mild discomfort in the back or joints, slight stomach problems or feeling hot. These problems should go away by themselves or become less bothersome. Nevertheless, an individual should seek advice if the issues worsen or linger.
  2. An individual should speak to a doctor as soon as possible if any of the following symptoms appear. Fever, rapid heart beat, cold like symptoms or pain, especially in the chest should be addressed fairly quickly.
  3. If an individual begins to seizure or feeling faint and light-headed or needing to pass out, a medical care provider should be contacted immediately.
  4. Any other symptoms that are not normal should be addressed in the next doctor’s visit. If anything seems serious, go to the emergency room right away.


precoseThe Precose tablets are designed for individuals that have type 2 diabetes and do not take insulin injections. This can be used with other forms of oral medications if needed to control the glucose levels more efficiently. The tablets work by breaking up the extra carbohydrates and sugars that can linger in the system for extended periods of time. The sugar levels can skyrocket after each meal and the naturally produced insulin cannot control the glucose. It is important to remember that the Precose tablets are designed to assist in the control of blood sugar levels. This medication should not replace a strict diet and exercise regiment. This lifestyle change is vital to keep the levels under control at all times. The medication is not a form of insulin; it is a tablet that assists the insulin that is produced inside the body. An individual that is overweight has a more difficult time controlling their blood sugar levels. An important step is to begin dropping pounds right away.

Any questions or concerns about the steps in taking Precose tablets should be directed to the physician immediately. Understanding the medication and the instructions that are given is vital to maintain a healthy body. Typically, the Precose tablets are taken 3 times a day with each meal. This will allow the pills to begin breaking down the sugars and carbohydrates with the first bite. An individual should try to stick to a regular routine. Each meal a day should be around the same time. This will assist an individual not to miss a dose of their prescription. If a person does miss a dose, take it right away. That is unless; it is fairly close to the next meal. When that is the case, skip it and continue on the normal schedule. An individual may start out at a lower dose and gradually work their way up. This is because the body may need some time to get use to the medicine.

When this treatment has begun, the physician will do various tests on the body. This can include liver and kidney exams. Then, after a few more months, they may test again. This process is to determine if the organs are accepting the Precose tablets. The doctor may prescribe different doses if illness, stress or other aliments are apparent. It is always important to discuss lifestyle changes with the physician. The medication works well when the correct schedule is in place. These kinds of pills cannot cause lowered blood sugar, so danger from this will not occur. When the Precose tablets are being taken with a lowering agent, low glucose levels may become apparent. Always test the levels often and know the warning signs of high as well as low glucose problems.

An individual that is pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant or nursing should consult their physician. This has not been studied and could cause adverse effects on the baby. Other medications could have an affect on the Precose tablets. It is a good idea to discuss any medicine that is being consumer before beginning this regiment. Even over-the-counter medication could be damaging.

Serious side effects caused by the Precose tablets are very rare. There are only a few that may be common in a person’s system. These include, sight discomfort in the stomach region, heartburn or gas. An individual will need to keep a watchful eye on other problems that may arise. It is difficult to predict what could happen when taking this medication. However, if an individual is experiencing anything out-of-the-ordinary, seek medical advice right away. It could be a serious condition that needs to be treated immediately.


repaglinideThe Repaglinide tablets are designed to be used in patients that have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. These individuals do not need insulin injections to control their glucose levels. The Repaglinide works by assisting the pancreas in producing more insulin than previous. It regulates the blood sugar levels by increasing the natural insulin for maximum performance. This kind of medication may be taken alone or with other oral diabetic medicines. An individual must follow all doctor’s guidelines and directions when this medication is prescribed. Do not mix medicines unless approved by the physician. Typically, the Repaglinide tablets are taken between 30 minutes to right before a meal. The dose that is recommended by the doctor should be followed. At first, a person may have a smaller dose to allow the body to become use to it. The physician may up the dosage that is more suitable for the individual’s lifestyle.

Before an individual begins the Repaglinide tablet treatment, they may need some useful information. A person’s doctor will explain everything for how to take the medication to any side effects it may cause. Always follow the physician’s instructions. An individual must address questions or concerns before they begin this regiment. The patient must understand what needs to be done in case of an emergency.

  1. Other medications may interact with the Repaglinide tablets. Be sure to explain to the physician if any other medication is being consumed. Even over-the-counter pills can cause diverse effects. The doctor may need to prescribe other forms of diabetic pills or lower the dose.
  2. Past allergic reactions are important for the doctor to understand. Even though, an allergic reaction to the Repaglinide tablets is rare as well as unlikely, it is vital to explain this to the doctor.
  3. This medication does not mix well with alcohol. Avoid these kinds of beverages when at all possible.
  4. The Repaglinide tablets are designed to assist in the body’s glucose levels. It is not a substitute for proper exercise and diet. It is vital to stick with the regiment that was provided by the doctor or nutritionist.
  5. Pregnancy as well as nursing may affect this medication. A mother-to-be should explain their situation to the physician for advice and options.
  6. Problems with the kidneys or liver can be a cause for alarm. The medical history of the patient must be in the doctor’s hands. This will allow a physician to prescribe the dose accordingly.
  7. Testing blood sugar often is the key to a healthy body. When glucose levels rise rapidly or fall to extremes, long-lasting affects may occur. To make absolutely sure that the Repaglinide tablets are working correctly, this step needs to be completed several times a day.

Side effects are present in all medication. However, most of the common symptoms should be relieved after a few weeks. The body takes time to get use to diabetic medications. If the symptoms do not diminish or linger for more than a few weeks, seek medical attention. An individual may be experiencing unusual symptoms. When this is the case and they are severe, seek a professional right away.

  1. The most common side effects of Repaglinide tablets are headaches, back or joint discomfort, mild stomach problems and cold like symptoms.
  2. This medication can cause the blood sugar to drop rapidly. If an individual tests their glucose levels and find them dangerously low, eat a hard piece of candy or other instant sugar. Wait 30 minutes and test again. If the levels are still incredibly low, seek medical care immediately.
  3. High blood sugar may happen if the medication is not working properly or the diet regiment is lacking. The symptoms of this could be thirst, fatigue or weakness. Contact a physician right way to find out what needs to be done.