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Diabinese is the brand name for chlorpropamide. Diabinese is a medication that when used with proper diet and exercise can regulate blood sugar levels for patients who suffer from type 2 diabetes. By regulating blood sugar you will have a better chance of preventing such serious circumstances such as kidney disease, blindness, circulation problems, or heart disease which affects many type 2 diabetes sufferers. Unlike other diabetic medicine Diabinese helps produce natural insulin that will regulate your blood sugar levels. Type 2 diabetes patients had the ability to produce natural insulin within their bodies. Diabetes helps the process out by increasing the flow of more natural insulin. The more insulin that is produced will lower the blood sugar level where it should be.

Diabinese is an oral medicine and should be taken once by mouth with your breakfast. This is a little different from most medication because you must take the dosage at the same time each day and the same amount dosage. If you should decide to take in more than once a day you could knock your blood sugar levels out of whack to a point where your natural insulin could not help. Your doctor will prescribe you the right dosage and modify the dosage if your blood sugar level does not even out after the first couple weeks. Only the doctor should stop you or start you on this medication.

Side effects of Diabinese, as with other diabetic medication, can range from severe to mild. If you see a sudden change of weight, or if there is a change in the color of your stools you need to contact a doctor immediately. Some people have experienced the yellowing of their skin and their eyes while others have experienced nausea and diarrhea. These side effects are rare but they do occur. Contact your doctor immediately and let them know about the side effects.

Hyperglycemia is always a problem for people that have diabetes. Just because you are on Diabinese does not mean that you’d need to stop monitoring your blood sugar levels. Diabinese is a treatment and not a cure and should not be considered such. If you experience hyperglycemic symptoms you should contact your doctor immediately and use what ever diabetic precautions you have available. This means you can either intake some sugar from a sugar source that you should keep on you at all times or you should have someone drive you to the doctor.

Diabinese may be used with other medications to help your blood sugar level maintain. Make sure that the doctor goes over with you the chance of side effects of the other medications are and how they might interact with Diabinese. This medication, as with most other medications and treatments, will not work as well if you do not maintain a good diet and exercise program. Don’t let the medication work by itself. It needs those components to be effective. By maintaining diet and exercise and taking your medication medications your blood sugar levels should be maintained and you will live a life with less diabetic maintenance.

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