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miglitolMiglitol tablets are used in individuals that have the type 2 version of diabetes. This medication assists the pancreas in producing enough insulin to keep the glucose levels in a safe range. This medication is used when an individual cannot control their insulin output with diet and exercise single-handedly. The Miglitol medication works by breaking down the added carbohydrates and sugars that are consumed at mealtime. It also stimulates the pancreas to produce more insulin when the system’s blood sugar levels are too high. When an individual does not control their blood sugar levels, heart disease and organ failure can occur. A person may experience the need for insulin injections as well. It is vital for the health of the patient to manage and maintain their blood sugar levels.

An individual should follow their doctor’s directions to a tee. Usually this medication is taken 3 times daily with food. There are various reasons why this dose may be higher or lower. An individual may need to take certain medications for other problems they are experiencing. This can interact with the Miglitol tablets. A person may not be following the recommended diet and exercise regiment. An individual may be ill with a cold or the flu. This can cause an individual not to be eating correctly or exercising appropriately. If any life changes are happening, even temporary, it is important to discuss this with the physician. They may need to prescribe other treatment or change the dosage that was previously given.

There is some information that an individual needs to be aware of before the Miglitol treatment begins. If there are in questions or concerns, discuss this with the doctor before beginning this regiment. It is vital to understand all the instructions and follow them closely. All medical history, risks of diseases as well as allergic reaction to any medication should be made aware of to the medical professional.

  1. Other medication could interact with the Miglitol tablets that could cause diverse affects. All pills, even over-the-counter medication, should be discussed with the doctor. Even vitamins can cause problems with the diabetes medication.
  2. Check blood sugar levels often. If they are too high or too low, contact a doctor and see if medical attention is necessary. When these levels are in the danger zones, seek medical attention immediately.
  3. Never miss a dose and never double dose. This can cause adverse effects in a person’s system. If an individual missed a dose, skip it and take the next installment. Then continue on the regular schedule.

Side effects can be common within the first few weeks of treatment. These bothersome occurrences should go away by themselves. However, if they linger, persist or become worse, it is vital to call the doctor immediately. An individual may also experience rare side effects as well. These generally need medical attention right away. If unusual or strange symptoms appear, contact the physician right away. It may be nothing to be concerned about, however with all medication it is better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Stomach discomfort, a mild rash or diarrhea may occur while the body is getting use to the medication. These symptoms should be relieved in the first few weeks of steady treatment. If they linger, contact a medical care provider right away.
  2. The Miglitol tablets do not lower blood sugar levels. They are merely to assist in stimulating the pancreas as well as breaking down chemicals that cause high blood sugar. Unless a person is taking other forms of lowering agents, an individual should not experience a drop in blood sugar levels.
  3. There are symptoms related to high as well as low blood sugar levels. If an individual is experiencing major fatigue, dizziness or sweating, an individual may have low blood sugar. Check the levels with a tester. When a person is suffering from feeling thirsty, hunger or weakness, this could be a sign of high blood sugar. If either is extreme, seek medical care right away.

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