depression and diabetes

Depression and Diabetes: What You Should Know

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Depression and diabetes go hand in hand. Diabetes is an ever-growing concern globally. In America alone, there are 29.1 million people who have been diagnosed with diabetes and that number is increasing annually.

The Depression and Diabetes Connection

Diabetes can cause an array of different complications that wreak havoc on the body. What some people don’t realize is that these complications can affect the mind as well. Depression is a common symptom of diabetes and is another growing concern. Diabetes impacts a person from the toes up to the very tip of the hair. It is a full body feeling which can be overwhelming and at times, depressing.

This growing disease can cause symptoms that can make a person feel ill at times, such as nausea. It can produce a headache/migraine or even zap away energy from a person, leaving them feeling lethargic and down. Too much of this can cause a bleak outlook that in turn can lead to a depressive state.

Symptoms to look for when it comes to depression and diabetes:

  • Severe change in mood- For anyone the diagnosis of diabetes can be disheartening but when a person’s mood seems to change overnight and they do not seem like themselves any longer. Depression may be setting in.
  • No longer enjoy things- People who are depressed generally no longer enjoy the things that they used to do. For a person who enjoyed the outdoors, depression can cause a hermit like reaction, leaving them with a want to stay indoors all the time.
  • Decreased/increased appetite- Usually with depression, a decrease in appetite is noticed. However, there are cases where a person will start to eat more, and in some cases, excessively.
  • Morning sadness- Sadness can happen at any times during the day but for those with depression, mornings can be the dourest hour. Constant morning sadness could mean depression has set in.
  • Suicidal thoughts- This is a huge indication of depression. Someone who is thinking of suicide is usually depressed and they have been that way for some time. Granted, this is not always the case.

What to Do If You See Symptoms

If any of these symptoms are noticed, it is important to contact a doctor. Depression is a serious illness that can lead to so many other health risks. If not treated, it can cause stressful feelings, which can cause high blood pressure, which in turn can lead to strokes/heart attacks or even heart disease. Having said that, people with diabetes are already at a risk for these complications. It’s important to keep the risks lower by maintaining a positive outlook. Once depression sets in, that may feel impossible to do. But with treatment, depression can be successfully kept at bay.

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