orinaseThe Orinase tablets are designed to assist the pancreas in producing enough insulin to break down the sugar and carbohydrates that are present inside the body. This medication also helps control as well as maintains the method in which the body uses the insulin. A person with type 2 diabetes cannot produce enough insulin naturally to break down the high sugar levels. There are times when type 2 diabetic patients may need an insulin injection. This is especially true when a person is feeling ill or stress is apparent. It is important to remember that Orinase medication is only an aid to the pancreas. Diet and exercise regiments are vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Always follow the doctor’s directions. They may need to change the dose because of alterations in an individual’s lifestyle. This could be because of stress, illness or other medications that need to be taken. A person with aliments or stressful home or office life may not be eating properly or failing to complete their exercising regiment. Typically, the Orinase medication is taken 15 to 30 minutes before a meal, 3 times a day. These tablets should be taken around the same time each day. If an individual misses a dose, it is important to wait until right before the next meal to take the tablet. Sometime forgetfulness can happen, if a person is not sure if they took their medication or miss it completely, skip it. Then continue the set routine. Never double dose or take other medication without the approval of the doctor. An individual can inquire about the proper procedure to follow if they do forget their medication. All questions or concerns should be addressed before an individual begins this treatment.

There are certain pieces of information that an individual needs to know before they take the Orinase medication.

  1. Other medication may affect how the Orinase tablets work. An individual may need to take certain pills for other aliments they could have. Even over-the-counter medications should be discussed with the doctor. These pills could interact with the diabetes medication that is currently being used. Adverse affects could happen if the physician is unaware of these other pills.
  2. A person needs to check their blood sugar levels often. An individual also needs to pay extra close attention to the direction for consumption. If a person makes a mistake with their medication, extreme low blood sugar is a possibility.
  3. An individual with certain kidney, liver or heart problems will need to express this to their doctor. When taking Orinase tablets, adverse affects could happen if these are not expressed to the physician.

Serious side effects are usually rare with the Orinase tablets. However, there are a few common effects that can be present in the first few weeks of beginning this treatment. These problems usually go away and never come back. If any of the common side effects persist or worsen, seek medical advice right away. When a serious effect is present, it is vital to get to the medical care provider immediately. Severe problems may arise if it is not treated right away.

  1. Slight swelling, feeling sick, heartburn and bloating are common occurrences in the first few weeks.
  2. Extremely low blood sugar may be a dangerous side effect. Even though, this is rare it can happen when the proper care is not correctly administered. Other medication, excessive alcohol and not eating could cause this to happen. Always check the blood sugar level in the body. If it is extremely low, eat a hard piece of candy and wait 30 minutes. Test again. If it is still low, contact a health care provider right away.
  3. An allergic reaction is very rare. However, if an individual is experiencing a large rash, trouble breathing or sweating, medical attention is needed right away.