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If you suffer from type 2 diabetes Amaryl is an oral diabetes med that helps you control your blood sugar levels and at the same time increases sensitivity to your insulin receptors. As with all medicines this prescription should be used in a combination of the prescription, diet, and exercise. With all three of these factors in place your diabetes will be easier to control and your blood sugar levels will be easier to maintain. Diabetes two is a disorder that has crippled a lot of overweight and obese Americans. Amaryl can only be used for those that are overweight but can still produce their own insulin. Amaryl should not be used if you have type 1 diabetes.

Taking Amaryl is easy. It’s an oral medication so all you do is place Amaryl in your mouth and take it with a glass of water. Make sure the glass of water is full because the medicine will need that much fluid to dissolve. Amaryl is only taken once a day and it is usually during your breakfast meal. You should take Amaryl with the first meal of the day whether it is breakfast or not. As with all medication you should follow the directions of your doctor. While consulting with your doctor make sure you discuss all the side effects and consequences that taking Amaryl might produce.

As you take Amaryl you should also monitor your blood sugar levels closely. If you are a new diabetic you should be aware that if you begin to get thirsty, hungry, have a headache, or experience is dizziness your blood sugars might be getting low. If you do not take heed these first symptoms the symptoms could get worse. The symptoms can include hypoglycemia in which if not treated death could occur. Amaryl as a treatment for type 2 diabetes and not a cure. With any treatment you need to be aware of the side effects and be aware of what your condition can produce in the first place.

When you have diabetes it is always nice to get into the practice of having a source of sugar that is very close to you. If you are at work you need to keep a candy bar in your purse or at your desk. If you are on a hike make sure that there is source of sugar in your backpack. Always keep a glass of orange juice or other natural sugars ready for you to indulge if your symptoms of hyperglycemia go into effect. The most important thing is that you should know what your symptoms are and act on those symptoms immediately.

Your doctor might put you on a combination of drugs to help treat your type 2 diabetes. Amaryl can be combined with other medicines to give you an increased protection during the treatment process. Just make sure that if you are on Amaryl and your prescription is running low, you need to get to the doctor and have it refilled before it runs out. It is not prudent to go a day without your medications.

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