About Us

Diabetic Live is a news publication that provides diabetes news, information and resources for those living with the disease. We also provide inspiring stories of those living with diabetes. The site is also very strong in areas such as the latest medical research, advances, drugs and diets.

Hundreds of articles exist for potential research and information. The writing team works to capture the latest news while developing a detailed look at some of the aspects of diabetes that can be difficult to understand. This combination has made Diabetic Live a premier online resource for diabetics.


Since 2007, Diabetic Live has been syndicated in over 50 major news outlets worldwide over the years.

My Message – Christopher Berry – Publisher

I want to thank all of the dedicated readers of Diabetic Live throughout the years. I was diagnosed in 1977 with what was then called Juvenile Diabetes. I’ve had my ups and downs over the years. We’ve seen improvements over the years in helping us manage the disease, but it’s time for a cure. I hope you’ll join me in supporting the many different Diabetes research foundations set up to achieve this goal. Now is the time. For now, Diabetes is an opportunity to take better care of ourselves than we would without it. My personal site Christopher Berry’s Hiking Blog shows that I can and will do anything to stay active no matter what.

Christopher Berry
Diabetic Live