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starlixThe Starlix medication is created for use in patients that have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This disease attacks the naturally produced insulin in the system. The pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to combat the added glucose levels in the body. Thus, they are stored at unhealthy levels. A person needs medication or in type 1 diabetes as well as some type 2, insulin injections. The Starlix tablets are designed to assist the pancreas in producing more natural insulin to relieve the higher sugar levels. This medication also helps manage the insulin that the body produces. When excess table sugars or carbohydrates are consumed, the body does not digest the chemicals correctly. This inhibits the body to breakdown these food items properly. The Starlix tablets can be used with other diabetic medicines. However, do not use other medication without the physician’s approval. This type of pill cannot work alone. It assists the body to produce more insulin, however without the proper diet and exercise routine; an individual will not be able to control their diabetes effectively.

It is vital to always follow the doctor’s precise instructions. If an individual has any questions or concerns, they should be addressed before the Starlix is consumed. Typically, this medication should be taken right before a meal, no longer than 30 minutes. The dose is usually 3 times a day, at major mealtimes. An individual should take the medication around the same time each day for maximum performance. These types of tablets come in 60mg or 120mg. It is not recommended to skip a meal. The diet lifestyle the individual is on should continue daily. Nevertheless, if a meal is skipped, the table should be as well. If forgetfulness is a problem and the dose is skipped, wait for the next meal. Never, under any circumstance, take two pills at once.

The doctor in charge will explain to their patients the best method when taking these pills. Always follow the exact instructions. All questions about the directions should be asked right away. Any information that is not clear should be retold. There is certain information that all patients need to be aware of before beginning this treatment.

  1. Certain medications may interact with this drug. All medicine, even over-the-counter cold pills, vitamins or herbs should be discussed with the doctor. They will explain if the current medication is safe for continual use.
  2. Low blood sugar problems are possible. Always test the glucose levels often during the day. Discuss the possibilities with physician and best course of action to take in case the glucose levels drop rapidly.
  3. There have not been excessive studies done on pregnant or nursing women. However, the studies that have been preformed all show that a woman, pregnant or nursing, should not use the Starlix tablets.

Side effects influence every person differently. Some may be common in one but not in others. It is important to talk with the physician in case serious side effects do occur. Anything unusual or out-of-the-ordinary is happening, seek medical advice immediately. The most common side effects usually leave within a couple of weeks as soon as the system becomes use to the medicine.

  1. The common effects are mild and may not need any assistance. If they become worse or more bothersome over time, contact the health care provider immediately. The symptoms include but are not limited to muscle or joint discomfort or infections, stomach problems and flu or cold-like symptoms.
  2. The more severe symptoms may include dizziness, chest infections or nausea. If any of these worsen or linger for a long period of time, contact the doctor immediately. A serious problem could be developing.

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