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precoseThe Precose tablets are designed for individuals that have type 2 diabetes and do not take insulin injections. This can be used with other forms of oral medications if needed to control the glucose levels more efficiently. The tablets work by breaking up the extra carbohydrates and sugars that can linger in the system for extended periods of time. The sugar levels can skyrocket after each meal and the naturally produced insulin cannot control the glucose. It is important to remember that the Precose tablets are designed to assist in the control of blood sugar levels. This medication should not replace a strict diet and exercise regiment. This lifestyle change is vital to keep the levels under control at all times. The medication is not a form of insulin; it is a tablet that assists the insulin that is produced inside the body. An individual that is overweight has a more difficult time controlling their blood sugar levels. An important step is to begin dropping pounds right away.

Any questions or concerns about the steps in taking Precose tablets should be directed to the physician immediately. Understanding the medication and the instructions that are given is vital to maintain a healthy body. Typically, the Precose tablets are taken 3 times a day with each meal. This will allow the pills to begin breaking down the sugars and carbohydrates with the first bite. An individual should try to stick to a regular routine. Each meal a day should be around the same time. This will assist an individual not to miss a dose of their prescription. If a person does miss a dose, take it right away. That is unless; it is fairly close to the next meal. When that is the case, skip it and continue on the normal schedule. An individual may start out at a lower dose and gradually work their way up. This is because the body may need some time to get use to the medicine.

When this treatment has begun, the physician will do various tests on the body. This can include liver and kidney exams. Then, after a few more months, they may test again. This process is to determine if the organs are accepting the Precose tablets. The doctor may prescribe different doses if illness, stress or other aliments are apparent. It is always important to discuss lifestyle changes with the physician. The medication works well when the correct schedule is in place. These kinds of pills cannot cause lowered blood sugar, so danger from this will not occur. When the Precose tablets are being taken with a lowering agent, low glucose levels may become apparent. Always test the levels often and know the warning signs of high as well as low glucose problems.

An individual that is pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant or nursing should consult their physician. This has not been studied and could cause adverse effects on the baby. Other medications could have an affect on the Precose tablets. It is a good idea to discuss any medicine that is being consumer before beginning this regiment. Even over-the-counter medication could be damaging.

Serious side effects caused by the Precose tablets are very rare. There are only a few that may be common in a person’s system. These include, sight discomfort in the stomach region, heartburn or gas. An individual will need to keep a watchful eye on other problems that may arise. It is difficult to predict what could happen when taking this medication. However, if an individual is experiencing anything out-of-the-ordinary, seek medical advice right away. It could be a serious condition that needs to be treated immediately.

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