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PramlintidePramlintide is the generic version of the drug Sylmin. This type of medication is injected under the skin. It can be used in type 1 as well as insulin dependant type 2 diabetes. The Pramlintide injections are actually medicine and not insulin. This type of treatment is designed for a person to control their blood sugar levels by breaking down the glucose after a meal. It can assist in making the digestion of the food slower so the intestines do not overload on sugar levels. This style of medication is used with insulin to control and maintain an individual’s blood sugar levels effectively. It is important to remember not to mix medications without the doctor’s approval. The Pramlintide injections are created for people that must take insulin as well and that another form of oral medication or when insulin alone is not sufficient. There is a strict regiment that one must follow to be healthy when taking this medication. Any questions or concerns should be addressed immediately before using this type of injection.

Before an individual is prescribed with the Pramlintide medication, the doctor will have easy to follow steps concerning the injections. These must be followed exactly to avoid any adverse effects. Typically, this medication is injected right under the skin often throughout the day. It needs to be used before each meal that has more than 250 calories or 30 grams of carbohydrates. This will allow the system to digest slowly and allow the sugar to pass though the system, gradually. An individual should never mix their medications. The Pramlintide medication and the insulin that an individual takes should be given in separate syringes. This medication is distributed in a vial. An individual should inspect the Pramlintide medication before it is used. The liquid should be clear and colorless.

An individual will need to be aware of their blood sugar levels often. It is vital for ones well being to test with glucose levels several times throughout the day. The added medication with the insulin injections could possibly lower this to dangerous levels. Always have a piece of hard candy in the purse or pocket in case this occurs. There are also quick-acting glucose tablets that an individual can purchase for added security. Also, it is important to know the symptoms of a quick drop of the blood sugar. These include but are not limited to fatigue, sweating, dizziness, blurred vision or in the most severe case, seizures. If a person cannot raise their levels, it is vital to seek medical assistance right away.

There are several side effects that an individual should be aware of. These should be discussed with the physician to explore options when and if they occur. Any questions or concerns should be addressed right away to have the knowledge in case something unfortunate does happen.

  1. Eating correctly is a must. If an individual does not follow all the directions and take the dose accordingly to their meal, low blood sugar can become an issue.
  2. Mistakes in the dose or not following the doctor’s order can cause harm inside the system. Follow every instruction to the tee and any information that is not understood should be questioned.
  3. The physician will explain that starting the Pramlintide treatment slowly will assist the body in getting use to the medication. Certain side effects may be present during the first few weeks. However, in time they should not be a factor any longer. These can include nausea, stomach discomfort or mild fatigue. If these symptoms persist of get worse, seek medical care right away.
  4. Allergic reactions at the injection site may be apparent. This could be redness or swollen skin. An individual will need to change the location. If this persists, contact a doctor for other options that may be available.

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