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humalogThere are several types of Humalog brand insulin. This kind of medication has been thoroughly tested for all types of diabetes in patients. A child as young as 3 years old can use this insulin safely as well as effectively. The Humalog medication is quick acting insulin with an agent that is used for lowering blood sugar levels. It is designed for various lifestyles. As with all insulin, an individual’s reaction time may vary. The Humalog brands are designed in vials, pens as well as cartridges. This gives an individual more freedom to choose the style they like the most. A person that is prescribed with this type of insulin may need a longer-acting medication as well. A person’s doctor will discuss everything the patient will need to know.

The Humalog insulin has been tested in different types of patients. It has been shown that this insulin improves the blood sugar levels dramatically than that of regular insulin. This medication is proven to have a longer lasting time as well as begins working quicker than the regular strand. This particular strand of insulin is typically a meal-time injection. Taking this medication 15 minutes before or right after eating is required.

An individual may need to take a higher or lower dose depending on other issues that they may experience. Discuss any of the following with a person’s physician:

  1. Pregnancy. A woman carrying a child may or may not benefit from this type of insulin. There are no known issues regarding a pregnancy. However, it has not been excessively studied in this matter. An individual will need to discuss their options with their medical care provider.
  2. Nursing. Studies have not been conclusive about this issue as well. It is unknown if the Humalog insulin will effect this process. Changes in doses as well as diet may need to be considered.
  3. Mixing. This medication cannot stand alone. It requires another form of insulin to complete the task at hand. An individual will need to follow the directions carefully to sustain a healthy system.
  4. Other medications. As with all forms of pills and medicine, certain types do not work well with each other. An individual will need to discus the kinds of over-the-counter vitamins, herbs or other forms that they are currently taking.

Side effects can occur at varies times. An individual that has never shown a symptom may in fact have a mild problem. Usually, side effects do not happen or rarely appear. When a person is under a doctor’s care, there should be no worries. However, it is a good idea to know what could happen and be prepared for it. The following side effects may strike:

  1. Allergic reaction: There are two forms that may become apparent. A reaction at the injection site or system reaction to the insulin. An individual may experience itching, discomfort or redness at the injection location. This may be relieved in a few days. Nevertheless, if the pain persists or the redness moves through the area, a doctor’s visit is important immediately. A system allergic reaction is more severe. If an individual experiences shortness of breath, discomfort or dizziness, they need to contract their physician immediately.
  2. Low potassium. This is a very rare symptom but it has been known to happen. There are over-the-counter pills that a person may be able to take that can assist in this matter. However, if a person is experiencing weakness or muscle cramps, especially in the toes, it is vital to contact a medical care provider.
  3. Wrong doses. If an individual is taking too little or to much insulin, diverse effects may occur. It is important to take the medication as prescribed and also check blood sugar levels frequently.

Humulin 50/50

Humulin 50/50Humulin 50/50 insulin is designed for various types of individuals. This particular brand produces 50% Isophane Suspension as well as 50% Insulin Injection. Plainly, this is designed as a premixed medication that can work well on various people. Usually, this insulin is prescribed to a person that already has their blood sugar level maintained. It is a fast-acting brand that can last for up to 18 hours. The minimum for this type on insulin is 2 hours. However, the maximum effect is between 2 and 8 hours. This is dependant on the levels of activity and the diet of each individual. What works for one may not work for another. There are various aspects that depend on certain kinds of people. The Humulin 50/50 insulin is a premixed medication created for a more active lifestyle.

There are several side effects that can be associated with this type of insulin. Nevertheless, under a doctor’s care these would be extremely rare. When a physician has all the patients’ medical history and records, side effects may not be present. Mistakes and first time appearances may happen, though. The side effects that an individual should be aware of is the following:

  1. Problems with the location of the injection. If a person injects themselves and the area become red, swollen, dry or itchy, it is vital to contact the medical care provider. An individual may be experiencing an allergic reaction to the needle or the medication.
  2. System problems. An individual could experience a number of other issues regarding their medication. Even though, this is rare, it has been known to happen. If blurred vision, seizures, rash or having troubles breathing are apparent in an insulin dependant person, medical attention is required immediately.
  3. Other symptoms. Sometimes the side effects are not always documented. An individual may not be feeling well or some other type of issues is apparent. If a person has been taking the Humulin 50/50 insulin and are feeling unnatural, contact a doctor with the symptoms. It may be nothing, but safety is always the best bet.

There are several factors that may interact with the kind of insulin that a person is prescribed. Diet and exercise is always a factor when using medication of this nature. An individual will need to stay on a steady regiment so they can take their insulin as prescribed. Over-the-counter pills can cause diverse effects. It is vital to communicate with the doctor on everything, including vitamins and herbs that are being consumed. Health is a major cause in increasing or reducing doses of the insulin. If an individual becomes sick, it is important to ask the physician how much to take. When a person is ill they may not be eating as much or not completing their exercising regiment. They could be taking over-the-counter medication that can interfere with the insulin. An individual should stay away from high levels of alcohol because this can automatically lower and individuals blood sugar levels.

It is important to mix the Humulin 50/50 insulin before opening. An individual should shake well and notice the liquid turning milky or cloudy. If this does not happen, shake again, if it still is not the desired color, discard and obtain a new vial. Contact a doctor or pharmacist if all the vials produce the same results. An individual must store their medication in the refrigerator, especially before it is opened. Take extra care not to freeze the insulin. If they are frozen discard and obtain a fresh batch. When a refrigerator is not available, opened vials can be stored at room temperature. However, keep it away from high heat sources. It must stay under 80 degrees.

Humulin 70/30

Humulin 70-30This strain of Humulin insulin is a complex mixture unlike the regular version. It is designed with almost the same properties that are associated with genetically altered human insulin. However, with the Humulin 70/30, an individual will receive 70% Isophane Suspension and only 30% of Injection. This method will allow a person to receive a faster onset of action which the time of activity can last for up to a 24 hour period. Unlike other strand that may be prescribed, this type of insulin can be a more rapid release of the insulin that is desired for the body. With Humulin 70/30, an individual may experience more freedom in their daily activities. This medicine is the correct dose for an individual’s need. Therefore, it cannot be mixed with any other medication unless a doctor advises differently.

Every individual’s body is diverse and susceptible to various kinds of problems. A person may need to take a lower dosage or even a stronger one for their active lifestyles. There are other aspects of taking this type of insulin as well. A person will need to understand the fundamentals of injection locations, temperature as well as their activities during the day. When this is prescribed to the patient, the physician will explain everything that an individual must know to stay healthy and active.

The side effects of Humulin 70/30 may be present in some patients. However, most of the individual that uses this medication may not see any at all or very rarely. All insulin is prescribed by a trained medical professional. They understand an individual’s history. Nevertheless, there are some reports of side effects that may have not been foreseen. If anything out of the ordinary is happening, it is vital to seek medical attention immediately. Some of the side effects are as follows:

  1. Allergic reaction. An individual may experience an allergic reaction from the injection location or from the medicine itself. If redness, sweating or discomfort is present, discontinue immediately and seek medical care.
  2. Low blood sugar. A person that does not eat correctly during the day and then takes this medication can cause blood sugar levels to drop. That is the main reason that an individual takes insulin. To control and maintain the levels in an individual’s body. Missing meals or not eating enough can cause a reaction in a person’s system.
  3. Dizziness and slow breaths. An individual may experience a reaction to their medication. This can be in the form of dizziness and slowness of breath. If this does occur, emergency medical care is needed immediately.

An individual will need to be aware of the over-the-counter or even prescribed medication that they are currently taking. However, prescribed medication will be known by a person’s doctor, over-the-counter can cause issues in the Humulin 70/30 insulin. The best course of action is to communicate with the physician and explain the types of pills that an individual takes. Certain medication can have undesired effects when taken with this insulin.

The Humulin 70/30 is best kept in the refrigerator, especially before the vial is opened. After, it can be kept in a cool area of the home. However, the insulin must stay below 80 degrees. It is vital when mixing the medication before it is opened to check the consistency. After the Humulin 70/30 has been shaken well, a person can plainly see a milky or cloudy liquid. Mix again is this does not occur. Discard after the second time if it does not look correct. If particles appear on the bottom of the vial or the sides, stay clear and obtain another vial.

Humulin N

Humulin NHumulin N insulin is a version of the Humulin group. This type of insulin has almost the same properties of regular; it is different in various aspects. It has been created to produces the same type of insulin an individual’s body produces. However, the Humulin N provides longer reaction type for different levels of activity. Every individual reacts differently than others as well as the same person may react differently throughout the day. This medication will assist in controlling the insulin through various activities than one may participate in. The reaction time varies, nevertheless, the Humulin N insulin will work within a 24 hour time period. This type of medicine needs to be discussed with a doctor. It is not advised to seek different forms of insulin on an individual’s own. Discuss daily activities with the physician to understand if the Humulin N insulin is the correct choice for a person’s needs.

A person should never mix insulin. This can lead to undesired affects in the human body. The blood sugar levels needs to be at steady levels. When these medications are mixed, the levels may differ than the recommended amount. It is also important to discuss any over-the-counter medication with the physician in charge. Some other desires, like vitamins, may alter the reaction of the insulin. Before purchasing over-the-counter pills, consult the advice of one’s doctor.

The amount that is needed with each injection may vary when certain conditions arise. Some of these conditions are as follows:

  1. Exercise. An individual’s exercise regiment can react with a person’s medication. It is important to talk with a doctor before starting on this type of activity. The insulin dose may need to be lowered.
  2. Pregnancy. There are instances when a pregnancy may interfere with the current medication. An individual that has recently gotten pregnant may also experience the needs for insulin through the duration. An individual will need to discuss this experience with their doctor to control the amount that is currently being taken. This will protect the mother as well as the child.
  3. Getting sick. Everyone has cold or flu systems throughout the year. When an individual is taking Humulin N insulin, they may need to lower or higher the dose. This is because an individuals habits change when they are ill. A person may not be eating or overly sleeping. It is important to come up with an ideal dosage with a doctor.

The side effects for Humulin N vary. Some individuals may not see any problems associated with this medication. Other people may feel loss of breath, hives or sweating. This could be an allergic reaction. Other symptoms of this type of problem could be rashes, lowered blood pressure and elevated heart beat. The more serious issues will require a hospital visit. Side effects can also be caused at the injection spot. An individual may experience bumps, minor discomfort, redness or an indent in the skin.

The appearance of the insulin is important. A person must understand what it is suppose to look like after it is properly mixed. This can cause serious health problem if it is tainted medication. Shake the vial repeatedly until the mixture forms a cloudy texture. If this does not occur, repeat this step. It is vital that you do not use the medication if white particles remain at the bottom of the vial. Clumps as well as particles that can be seen on the walls of the vial are present. Obtain another bottle and try to mix that content. If it mixes correctly, throw away the other vial. If it does not, contact a medical provider immediately and tell them what has been discovered.

Humulin R

Humulin RHumulin R is scientifically designed for the human body. When diabetes attacks an individual’s system, it causes the pancreas to stop producing a hormone that the body desperately needs to survive. This type of insulin product is completely natural. It contains zinc crystals that break up into a liquid. Humulin R insulin does not add anything for the method or speed in which it reacts. This product is used mainly for type 1 diabetes. However, an individual that needs insulin for type 2 diabetes may also use Humulin R. There are several kinds of Humulin insulin that a person may decide to take. This certain brand is 100 percent regular. Also, check with a doctor before switching brands or mixing the medication together. Certain health risks can occur if a person does not follow their doctor’s advice.

If an individual takes over-the-counter medication, even vitamins, it may mix with this insulin regiment. A woman may be able to use Humulin R while they are pregnant or nursing. Usually this type of medication will not harm the baby. Alcohol is defiantly not a good idea when an individual has diabetes. This kind of beverage lowers a person’s blood sugar. When taking Humulin R, it is a good idea to avoid this as well.

There are several side effects that one may wish to discuss with their physician before obtaining the Humulin R medication. Most of the side effects occur rarely. However, they could happen and an individual needs to be aware of the situation. An allergic reaction may be present in some people. When an individual is suffering from redness, hives or having a hard time breathing, medical assistance is vital. A person may notice redness, bumps or hardness at the location that they give themselves their injection. Avoid this location and try a different one. If the problems persists, it is a good idea to talk with a doctor. This could be an underlying cause of something more serious. Side effects are present inside every medication that someone takes. This is because everyone is diverse and is affected differently than others. If something does not seem correct when one takes Humulin R, do not hesitate to seek advice.

It is suggested that everyone taking this medication knows exactly what it looks like. The wrong medicine or tampered insulin can cause death. Humulin R is a clear or solid color liquid. If a person’s medication appears to have a thickness or floating particles, do not use and open a fresh container. Contact a doctor immediately if an individual is unsure of their medication. If any doubts or suspicions arise, do not use.

An individual’s insurance may pay for Humulin R. Nevertheless, different groups of people may not have insurance. This medication can run fairly high for those that must pay out of pocket. An individual could be looking around 40 dollars for 1 vial. There are non-profit originations that may be able to assist in paying for life or death medications.

The Humulin R medication is prescribed to various individuals for their individual needs. This medication can only be used by an individual with a physician’s permissions. Insulin is vital to the well being of people that have obtained type 1 diabetes as well as some type 2 cases. The doctors complete a variety of tests to be absolutely sure that a patient is receiving the proper medication for their disease. If an individual would like to do research on the types of medication that are available and present questions to their doctors, that is perfectly fine. Always consult your physician or doctor before deciding on a brand of insulin.

Humalog 75/25

Humalog 75/25Humalog 75/25 is represented as a fast acting blood sugar level lowering agent as well as an intermediate blood sugar level lowering agent. This is helpful in patients that have been diagnosed with type 1 and some type 2 diabetes. This insulin mix can be obtained in vials as well as the pens. An individual will have the freedom to choose which kind is the best method for their lifestyle. The Humalog 75/25 is designed for various individuals that accomplish different activities throughout the day. With the proper diet and exercise regiment, a person will be able to use this style of medication to control their blood sugar levels. The Humalog 75/25 begins working faster and lasts for a longer period of time than regular insulin does. That is fantastic for a person with a more active lifestyle.

Before taking Humalog 75/25, there is certain information a person needs to be aware of. An individual’s doctor will explain in detail everything that needs to be known. However, a physician may miss a few of the smaller details. Precautions for taking any new medication are common for a healthy system. Some over-the-counter pills can be counterproductive. It is always a good practice to explain to the doctor the types of medication that a person is taking. Even if it is something simple like vitamins or herbs could change the dose of the insulin that is prescribed. Humalog 75/25 insulin lowers a person’s blood sugar levels. Taking this medication while having a reduced level can be costly to an individual’s health. Instead, to raise the levels eat a piece of hard candy. Any major lifestyle change could interact with the dose that has been prescribed. Consult a physician when such changes have occurred. This could be elevated stress, illness or quitting smoking. Remember to check the blood sugar levels often and stay within the recommended range.

Side effects are rare when it comes to any insulin, including Humalog 75/25. An individual will have the watchful eye of their physician. These trained professionals will have a person’s medical history available. They will prescribe the medication accordingly. However, first time side effects have been known to happen, as well as mistakes. There are some effects that an individual may need to be aware of. The following is important to keep an eye out for. Remember, this is not a complete list of symptoms. If an individual is feeling uncomfortable, contact a medical care provider right away.

  1. Allergic reaction. An allergic reaction is rare, especially for an individual that has never experienced one with insulin. There are two forms that may affect a person. The injection site can have minor redness, swelling or discomfort. If this occurs, change the location. If the same thing happens, wait a few days to see if the symptoms leave. Continue taking the insulin as prescribed, though. If the issues persist or the redness begins to move around the area, contact a health care provider immediately. System allergic reactions are much more severe. If an individual is experiences shortness of breath, sweating or a rash, it is vital to see a doctor right away.
  2. Taking the prescribed dose. A doctor will prescribe the Humalog 75/25 insulin for a person’s system needs. Following these orders is vital for the health of the body. If a person takes too little or to much, serious problems can arise. The insulin is made to lower blood sugar levels. If a person takes this medication while they are low, a diabetic coma can happen. When there is a problem with the dose that a doctor has prescribed, talk to them and explain the situation.
  3. Other problems. There are various affects that can take place with a new medication. It is important to test blood sugar levels often and follow the instructions that are provided. If a person is not feeling well or have unexplained problems, contact the doctor right away.


LevemirThe Levemir insulin is an insulin detemir. This is a man-made treatment that is close to the natural insulin that the body produces. An individual that has been diagnosed with diabetes cannot produce enough insulin in the body’s system to maintain a healthy life. It lowers the blood sugar levels to a healthy rate and keeps them under control. The Levemir insulin is used in the treatment of adults as well as children. It is a fast-acting insulin that can continue up to a 24 hour time period. This medication is usually prescribed for adults and children with type 1 diabetes. As well as in adults with type 2 diabetes which require insulin as well as the medication they are taking.

The Levemir insulin is a long-acting agent that may only involve one or two doses a day. This is dependant on the doctor’s orders, however. Usually, it only takes one dose to produce enough medicine to keep the blood sugar levels in the desired range. When taking only one dose a day, it is recommended at dinner time or right before bed. When two doses are required, the morning and 12 hours after are suitable.

This kind of insulin comes in vial, pen and cartridge forms. The storage of each differs from the others. An individual will need to store each method in the refrigerator before it is opened. Take extra precautions not to freeze the insulin. The vials must remain in the refrigerator or at room temperature after they have been opened. With the pens are cartridges are slightly different. After they are opened, they must remain at room temperature and cannot be refrigerated. Be careful to keep all insulin away from light and heat sources. Inspect the insulin carefully before using. The liquid must be completely clear as well as colorless.

There are several side effects that may be present when taking the Levemir insulin. However, under a doctor’s care, a person will rarely receive any severe symptoms.

  1. Allergic reactions can be mild or severe. An individual that is experiencing nausea, difficulty in breathing or an elevated heart rate, medical care may be vital. There are several types of problems that can face a person suffering through an allergic reaction. Sweating, feelings of passing out or a massive rash may be cause for alarm. Anything that does not seem neutral after the medication is taken may be cause for alarm.
  2. Weight gain may be a factor with the Levemir insulin. Studies in this matter are not conclusive. However, it has shown that patients may not gain weight quickly. This has not been designed around an individual’s diet and exercising regiment. So, the regular lifestyle of one could be concluded that it does not happen with each patient.
  3. An individual may see thickening or calluses around their injection site. This can mostly be relieved if a person injects themselves in different locations of the body.
  4. Checking an individual’s blood sugar often will assist in avoiding low blood sugar levels. When an individual uses Levemir insulin it automatically lowers the blood sugar levels to a safe range. When a person neglects to check their blood sugar before hand, unsafe levels may transpire. To remedy this problem, an individual could eat a hard candy and check again. If the blood sugar does not rise within 30 minutes, medical attention may be needed.
  5. Side effects can come in different forms. Not all issues will pertain to the medication. If an individual is feeling a bit off after they have taken the insulin, a doctor’s call or visit may be in order.


novomixThe Novomix insulin is designed for an individual with type 2 diabetes. This medication provides the correct mix of chemicals that a person needs to control their blood sugar levels. Type 2 diabetes is when a person can produce some glucose in their system but not enough to sustain their system requirements. An individual diagnosed with this form of diabetes may only need to take pills. However, some patients are required to obtain insulin as well as pills to maintain their systems needs. Novomix is a premixed solution that has fast-acting insulin as well as intermediate-acting insulin. The mix is 30% fast-acting and 70% intermediate-acting. This medication is designed for patients that need to take insulin right before they eat. Since every body is different, the reaction time may vary. However, within 10 minutes or less, an individual will have the medication their body needs. The Novomix can last up to 24 hours with the maximum performance up to 4 hours after it is taken.

There have been extensive studies of the Novomix insulin. It has been proven that over a long enough period, this type of insulin can completely control the blood sugar levels in the patients. The study was completed on type 2 patients that only took pills to control their levels. They concluded that after a while of being on Novomix, their system’s levels were improving dramatically.

There are several benefits that are displayed in patients that have used the Novomix insulin as an alternative to the human insulin medication. The following are some of the benefits that have been discovered:

  1. Meal-time. An individual that takes the Novomix insulin will have a more productive time controlling their blood sugar levels during meal-time. Since this is a fast-acting solution, a person will be able to take it right before eating to control their levels.
  2. Target levels. If a person is having a hard time controlling their blood sugar levels throughout the day, they can increase the injections. This will assist them in staying within the range that is recommended. It is a good idea to discuss this matter with a doctor before upping the dose.

An individual may show signs of side effects while other may not. With the Novomix insulin, side effects are rare but can happen. A doctor will have the proper information to make a decision on whether this medication is appropriate. Mistakes and first time side effects can happen in different patients. Even though, the concern is always a factor, usually there is nothing to worry about. The following are some side effects that may be present:

  1. Low blood sugar levels. When an individual is prescribed Novomix, it can lower a person’s levels considerably. It is a good idea to test the blood sugar often. If it lower than it is recommended, do not take another injection. Eat a hard piece of candy to raise the blood sugar to a safe level. If the levels do not return to normal, contact a medical care provider immediately.
  2. Allergic reaction. A person may experience an allergic reaction at the injection site or in the system. If redness, swelling or itchy occurs, try a different location. If this persists, contact a person’s doctor. This is not serious unless it becomes painful or the redness moves around the area. A system reaction can be very serious and a hospital or doctors visit may be required. Shortness of breath, severe dizziness or a major rash occurs, seek advice right away.
  3. Thickening of skin. An individual may feel comfortable giving themselves an injection in the same spot day after day. This can cause thickening of the skin or massive bruises and even calluses. It is recommended to change locations frequently when injecting insulin.


novorapidThe Novorapid insulin is designed for patients with type 1 as well as type 2 diabetes. This kind of medication is a fast-acting solution. It takes as little as 10 minutes to begin lowering an individual’s blood sugar levels. The insulin stays in an individual’s system for up to 5 hours. This is an excellent choice to maintain a person’s glucose levels before and especially after eating a meal. Controlling a person’s blood sugar can be difficult; however with the Novorapid insulin solution an individual will be able to accomplish this goal without much hassle. This medication can be obtained in vial, pen and cartridge forms. An individual will be able to choose the correct kind for their lifestyle with a doctor’s assistance. This medication operates in the same manner as natural insulin. It performs the same tasks more effective than the body’s own system.

Before an individual begins this type of treatment, certain aspects need to be discussed. Any questions or concerns should be addressed to an individual’s physician. Controlling blood sugar levels is vital to maintain an active lifestyle.

  1. A person needs to check their blood sugar often to keep inside the desired range. If an individual is experiencing low blood sugar, do not take an injection. The Novorapid insulin is used to lower the glucose levels. An individual could severely harm themselves if they take an injection when they are dangerously low in blood sugar.
  2. Other medication can interact with the prescribed dose. If over-the-counter pills are taken, tell the doctor. They can offer a solution on how much insulin is needed to keep the body healthy. Even vitamins and herbs can cause problems if the incorrect dose is prescribed.
  3. Illness is another effect that everyone suffers from now and again. When a person is sick, they may not be eating or sleeping correctly. They may also not be completing their exercising regiment. All of these factors are presented when the insulin is prescribed. The physician in change of the case needs to look at all the facts and may desire to change the dosage.
  4. Alcohol can cause low blood sugar. An individual should stay away from liquor at all times. Mixing this with the Novorapid insulin can have dire effects. Nevertheless, everyone likes a drink now and again. It is important to drink in moderation and always with food.
  5. Allergic reactions may be present when a person takes this insulin. All medication has a slight change of this occurring. The warning signs are simple to follow. If the skin around the injection area is red, swollen or itching, which the area. However, watch carefully for signs of infection. More server reactions come in the system. Difficultly in breathing, sweating or massive dizziness could occur. When this happens, contract a medical care provider immediately.
  6. Smoking should be discussed with the physician. The more an individual smokes the higher their insulin dose needs to be. A person should try to avoid smoking for the benefit of their body.

The Novorapid insulin needs to be stored in a refrigerator before opening. Take extra care to not freeze this product. If the medication is accidentally frozen, discard. After this medication is opened, it is mandatory to keep it outside of the refrigerator. However, it must remain before 80 degrees at all times. The insulin must also be kept away from heat or light sources. Do not keep the Novorapid insulin after opened for 4 weeks. All unused medicine must be discarded properly.


actrapidThe Actrapid insulin is a fast-acting solution. It is designed to work quickly, within 60 minutes after injection. This type of medication usually lasts up to 8 hours at a time. An individual will most likely inject this kind of insulin around 15 minutes before a meal. This method will allow the medication to begin working right away so the blood sugar levels of the meal will be controlled. The Actrapid insulin is a soluble solution. This means it is usually given with other forms of insulin that reacts longer for an individual’s active lifestyle. The Actrapid insulin can be obtained in vial, pen as well as cartridge forms. It is important to follow all direction when mixing insulin medication. A person’s doctor will discuss the procedure that needs to be monitored. If an individual has any questions or concerns they need to ask their physician right away.

The individual’s doctor prescribes the insulin according to their lifestyle. It is vital that a person stays on the correct medicine. Certain lifestyle matters influence the physician’s decision on which kind of medication they need to be taking. If a change in an individual’s diet or exercise regiment is disrupted for whatever reason, the dose may need to be higher or lower. Stress, aggravation, quitting smoking or pregnancy can all affect the prescribed insulin. If any lifestyle change is apparent, contact the medical care provider immediately. A person will need to check their blood sugar levels often as well to make sure they are in the correct range for their system. There are warning signs for high and low blood sugar issues. However, sometimes the signs may come too late.

Other medication is a factor as well. Even vitamins and over-the-counter minerals can disrupt the doses of insulin that are prescribed. Certain medication cannot be taken with the Actrapid insulin or any other as well. It is important to talk with a doctor and explain the kinds of pills that are being consumed. Dire consequences can happen to one’s body if the proper steps are not taken.

Pregnancy and nursing may be a factor in a person’s insulin dose. There are no known adverse effects on a mother-to-be taking insulin. The mother will need to keep their blood sugar level as stable as possible throughout the pregnancy. When nursing, the medication may collect in the breast milk. It is best to discuss this problem with an individual’s doctor on the best course of action.

Side effects are always a possibility. However, the most severe problems rarely occur. There are warning signs that an individual can observe if they are overly worried. Under a doctor’s care, a person’s medical history is present. Any mild allergic reactions to different types of insulin or other problems would be documented. An individual may not have experienced any side effects before this episode. The following are some signs to watch out for:

  1. Low blood sugar is a problem all diabetics face. The Actrapid insulin is designed to lower a person’s glucose levels. Problems can arise if an individual injects themselves with insulin at low blood sugar levels. Check blood sugar often, if it is fairly low, eat a piece of hard candy and check again in 30 minutes. If it is still in an unhealthy range, contact a medical care provider immediately.
  2. Allergic reactions may happen at the injection site or a person’s system. Redness, swelling or dry skin at the injection location is not a cause for alarm. Simply change places, if it reoccurs ask the doctor about this problem. Be watchful of the redness moving around the area. When this happens, an infection may be developing. Contact a physician immediately. System reactions can be far more severe. If an individual is feeling faint, having a hard time breathing or a massive dizzy spell, obtain medical assistance.