Humulin 70/30

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Humulin 70-30This strain of Humulin insulin is a complex mixture unlike the regular version. It is designed with almost the same properties that are associated with genetically altered human insulin. However, with the Humulin 70/30, an individual will receive 70% Isophane Suspension and only 30% of Injection. This method will allow a person to receive a faster onset of action which the time of activity can last for up to a 24 hour period. Unlike other strand that may be prescribed, this type of insulin can be a more rapid release of the insulin that is desired for the body. With Humulin 70/30, an individual may experience more freedom in their daily activities. This medicine is the correct dose for an individual’s need. Therefore, it cannot be mixed with any other medication unless a doctor advises differently.

Every individual’s body is diverse and susceptible to various kinds of problems. A person may need to take a lower dosage or even a stronger one for their active lifestyles. There are other aspects of taking this type of insulin as well. A person will need to understand the fundamentals of injection locations, temperature as well as their activities during the day. When this is prescribed to the patient, the physician will explain everything that an individual must know to stay healthy and active.

The side effects of Humulin 70/30 may be present in some patients. However, most of the individual that uses this medication may not see any at all or very rarely. All insulin is prescribed by a trained medical professional. They understand an individual’s history. Nevertheless, there are some reports of side effects that may have not been foreseen. If anything out of the ordinary is happening, it is vital to seek medical attention immediately. Some of the side effects are as follows:

  1. Allergic reaction. An individual may experience an allergic reaction from the injection location or from the medicine itself. If redness, sweating or discomfort is present, discontinue immediately and seek medical care.
  2. Low blood sugar. A person that does not eat correctly during the day and then takes this medication can cause blood sugar levels to drop. That is the main reason that an individual takes insulin. To control and maintain the levels in an individual’s body. Missing meals or not eating enough can cause a reaction in a person’s system.
  3. Dizziness and slow breaths. An individual may experience a reaction to their medication. This can be in the form of dizziness and slowness of breath. If this does occur, emergency medical care is needed immediately.

An individual will need to be aware of the over-the-counter or even prescribed medication that they are currently taking. However, prescribed medication will be known by a person’s doctor, over-the-counter can cause issues in the Humulin 70/30 insulin. The best course of action is to communicate with the physician and explain the types of pills that an individual takes. Certain medication can have undesired effects when taken with this insulin.

The Humulin 70/30 is best kept in the refrigerator, especially before the vial is opened. After, it can be kept in a cool area of the home. However, the insulin must stay below 80 degrees. It is vital when mixing the medication before it is opened to check the consistency. After the Humulin 70/30 has been shaken well, a person can plainly see a milky or cloudy liquid. Mix again is this does not occur. Discard after the second time if it does not look correct. If particles appear on the bottom of the vial or the sides, stay clear and obtain another vial.

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