Humalog 75/25

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Humalog 75/25Humalog 75/25 is represented as a fast acting blood sugar level lowering agent as well as an intermediate blood sugar level lowering agent. This is helpful in patients that have been diagnosed with type 1 and some type 2 diabetes. This insulin mix can be obtained in vials as well as the pens. An individual will have the freedom to choose which kind is the best method for their lifestyle. The Humalog 75/25 is designed for various individuals that accomplish different activities throughout the day. With the proper diet and exercise regiment, a person will be able to use this style of medication to control their blood sugar levels. The Humalog 75/25 begins working faster and lasts for a longer period of time than regular insulin does. That is fantastic for a person with a more active lifestyle.

Before taking Humalog 75/25, there is certain information a person needs to be aware of. An individual’s doctor will explain in detail everything that needs to be known. However, a physician may miss a few of the smaller details. Precautions for taking any new medication are common for a healthy system. Some over-the-counter pills can be counterproductive. It is always a good practice to explain to the doctor the types of medication that a person is taking. Even if it is something simple like vitamins or herbs could change the dose of the insulin that is prescribed. Humalog 75/25 insulin lowers a person’s blood sugar levels. Taking this medication while having a reduced level can be costly to an individual’s health. Instead, to raise the levels eat a piece of hard candy. Any major lifestyle change could interact with the dose that has been prescribed. Consult a physician when such changes have occurred. This could be elevated stress, illness or quitting smoking. Remember to check the blood sugar levels often and stay within the recommended range.

Side effects are rare when it comes to any insulin, including Humalog 75/25. An individual will have the watchful eye of their physician. These trained professionals will have a person’s medical history available. They will prescribe the medication accordingly. However, first time side effects have been known to happen, as well as mistakes. There are some effects that an individual may need to be aware of. The following is important to keep an eye out for. Remember, this is not a complete list of symptoms. If an individual is feeling uncomfortable, contact a medical care provider right away.

  1. Allergic reaction. An allergic reaction is rare, especially for an individual that has never experienced one with insulin. There are two forms that may affect a person. The injection site can have minor redness, swelling or discomfort. If this occurs, change the location. If the same thing happens, wait a few days to see if the symptoms leave. Continue taking the insulin as prescribed, though. If the issues persist or the redness begins to move around the area, contact a health care provider immediately. System allergic reactions are much more severe. If an individual is experiences shortness of breath, sweating or a rash, it is vital to see a doctor right away.
  2. Taking the prescribed dose. A doctor will prescribe the Humalog 75/25 insulin for a person’s system needs. Following these orders is vital for the health of the body. If a person takes too little or to much, serious problems can arise. The insulin is made to lower blood sugar levels. If a person takes this medication while they are low, a diabetic coma can happen. When there is a problem with the dose that a doctor has prescribed, talk to them and explain the situation.
  3. Other problems. There are various affects that can take place with a new medication. It is important to test blood sugar levels often and follow the instructions that are provided. If a person is not feeling well or have unexplained problems, contact the doctor right away.

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