Humulin 50/50

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Humulin 50/50Humulin 50/50 insulin is designed for various types of individuals. This particular brand produces 50% Isophane Suspension as well as 50% Insulin Injection. Plainly, this is designed as a premixed medication that can work well on various people. Usually, this insulin is prescribed to a person that already has their blood sugar level maintained. It is a fast-acting brand that can last for up to 18 hours. The minimum for this type on insulin is 2 hours. However, the maximum effect is between 2 and 8 hours. This is dependant on the levels of activity and the diet of each individual. What works for one may not work for another. There are various aspects that depend on certain kinds of people. The Humulin 50/50 insulin is a premixed medication created for a more active lifestyle.

There are several side effects that can be associated with this type of insulin. Nevertheless, under a doctor’s care these would be extremely rare. When a physician has all the patients’ medical history and records, side effects may not be present. Mistakes and first time appearances may happen, though. The side effects that an individual should be aware of is the following:

  1. Problems with the location of the injection. If a person injects themselves and the area become red, swollen, dry or itchy, it is vital to contact the medical care provider. An individual may be experiencing an allergic reaction to the needle or the medication.
  2. System problems. An individual could experience a number of other issues regarding their medication. Even though, this is rare, it has been known to happen. If blurred vision, seizures, rash or having troubles breathing are apparent in an insulin dependant person, medical attention is required immediately.
  3. Other symptoms. Sometimes the side effects are not always documented. An individual may not be feeling well or some other type of issues is apparent. If a person has been taking the Humulin 50/50 insulin and are feeling unnatural, contact a doctor with the symptoms. It may be nothing, but safety is always the best bet.

There are several factors that may interact with the kind of insulin that a person is prescribed. Diet and exercise is always a factor when using medication of this nature. An individual will need to stay on a steady regiment so they can take their insulin as prescribed. Over-the-counter pills can cause diverse effects. It is vital to communicate with the doctor on everything, including vitamins and herbs that are being consumed. Health is a major cause in increasing or reducing doses of the insulin. If an individual becomes sick, it is important to ask the physician how much to take. When a person is ill they may not be eating as much or not completing their exercising regiment. They could be taking over-the-counter medication that can interfere with the insulin. An individual should stay away from high levels of alcohol because this can automatically lower and individuals blood sugar levels.

It is important to mix the Humulin 50/50 insulin before opening. An individual should shake well and notice the liquid turning milky or cloudy. If this does not happen, shake again, if it still is not the desired color, discard and obtain a new vial. Contact a doctor or pharmacist if all the vials produce the same results. An individual must store their medication in the refrigerator, especially before it is opened. Take extra care not to freeze the insulin. If they are frozen discard and obtain a fresh batch. When a refrigerator is not available, opened vials can be stored at room temperature. However, keep it away from high heat sources. It must stay under 80 degrees.

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