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LevemirThe Levemir insulin is an insulin detemir. This is a man-made treatment that is close to the natural insulin that the body produces. An individual that has been diagnosed with diabetes cannot produce enough insulin in the body’s system to maintain a healthy life. It lowers the blood sugar levels to a healthy rate and keeps them under control. The Levemir insulin is used in the treatment of adults as well as children. It is a fast-acting insulin that can continue up to a 24 hour time period. This medication is usually prescribed for adults and children with type 1 diabetes. As well as in adults with type 2 diabetes which require insulin as well as the medication they are taking.

The Levemir insulin is a long-acting agent that may only involve one or two doses a day. This is dependant on the doctor’s orders, however. Usually, it only takes one dose to produce enough medicine to keep the blood sugar levels in the desired range. When taking only one dose a day, it is recommended at dinner time or right before bed. When two doses are required, the morning and 12 hours after are suitable.

This kind of insulin comes in vial, pen and cartridge forms. The storage of each differs from the others. An individual will need to store each method in the refrigerator before it is opened. Take extra precautions not to freeze the insulin. The vials must remain in the refrigerator or at room temperature after they have been opened. With the pens are cartridges are slightly different. After they are opened, they must remain at room temperature and cannot be refrigerated. Be careful to keep all insulin away from light and heat sources. Inspect the insulin carefully before using. The liquid must be completely clear as well as colorless.

There are several side effects that may be present when taking the Levemir insulin. However, under a doctor’s care, a person will rarely receive any severe symptoms.

  1. Allergic reactions can be mild or severe. An individual that is experiencing nausea, difficulty in breathing or an elevated heart rate, medical care may be vital. There are several types of problems that can face a person suffering through an allergic reaction. Sweating, feelings of passing out or a massive rash may be cause for alarm. Anything that does not seem neutral after the medication is taken may be cause for alarm.
  2. Weight gain may be a factor with the Levemir insulin. Studies in this matter are not conclusive. However, it has shown that patients may not gain weight quickly. This has not been designed around an individual’s diet and exercising regiment. So, the regular lifestyle of one could be concluded that it does not happen with each patient.
  3. An individual may see thickening or calluses around their injection site. This can mostly be relieved if a person injects themselves in different locations of the body.
  4. Checking an individual’s blood sugar often will assist in avoiding low blood sugar levels. When an individual uses Levemir insulin it automatically lowers the blood sugar levels to a safe range. When a person neglects to check their blood sugar before hand, unsafe levels may transpire. To remedy this problem, an individual could eat a hard candy and check again. If the blood sugar does not rise within 30 minutes, medical attention may be needed.
  5. Side effects can come in different forms. Not all issues will pertain to the medication. If an individual is feeling a bit off after they have taken the insulin, a doctor’s call or visit may be in order.

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