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novorapidThe Novorapid insulin is designed for patients with type 1 as well as type 2 diabetes. This kind of medication is a fast-acting solution. It takes as little as 10 minutes to begin lowering an individual’s blood sugar levels. The insulin stays in an individual’s system for up to 5 hours. This is an excellent choice to maintain a person’s glucose levels before and especially after eating a meal. Controlling a person’s blood sugar can be difficult; however with the Novorapid insulin solution an individual will be able to accomplish this goal without much hassle. This medication can be obtained in vial, pen and cartridge forms. An individual will be able to choose the correct kind for their lifestyle with a doctor’s assistance. This medication operates in the same manner as natural insulin. It performs the same tasks more effective than the body’s own system.

Before an individual begins this type of treatment, certain aspects need to be discussed. Any questions or concerns should be addressed to an individual’s physician. Controlling blood sugar levels is vital to maintain an active lifestyle.

  1. A person needs to check their blood sugar often to keep inside the desired range. If an individual is experiencing low blood sugar, do not take an injection. The Novorapid insulin is used to lower the glucose levels. An individual could severely harm themselves if they take an injection when they are dangerously low in blood sugar.
  2. Other medication can interact with the prescribed dose. If over-the-counter pills are taken, tell the doctor. They can offer a solution on how much insulin is needed to keep the body healthy. Even vitamins and herbs can cause problems if the incorrect dose is prescribed.
  3. Illness is another effect that everyone suffers from now and again. When a person is sick, they may not be eating or sleeping correctly. They may also not be completing their exercising regiment. All of these factors are presented when the insulin is prescribed. The physician in change of the case needs to look at all the facts and may desire to change the dosage.
  4. Alcohol can cause low blood sugar. An individual should stay away from liquor at all times. Mixing this with the Novorapid insulin can have dire effects. Nevertheless, everyone likes a drink now and again. It is important to drink in moderation and always with food.
  5. Allergic reactions may be present when a person takes this insulin. All medication has a slight change of this occurring. The warning signs are simple to follow. If the skin around the injection area is red, swollen or itching, which the area. However, watch carefully for signs of infection. More server reactions come in the system. Difficultly in breathing, sweating or massive dizziness could occur. When this happens, contract a medical care provider immediately.
  6. Smoking should be discussed with the physician. The more an individual smokes the higher their insulin dose needs to be. A person should try to avoid smoking for the benefit of their body.

The Novorapid insulin needs to be stored in a refrigerator before opening. Take extra care to not freeze this product. If the medication is accidentally frozen, discard. After this medication is opened, it is mandatory to keep it outside of the refrigerator. However, it must remain before 80 degrees at all times. The insulin must also be kept away from heat or light sources. Do not keep the Novorapid insulin after opened for 4 weeks. All unused medicine must be discarded properly.

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