Foot Care Tips For Diabetics

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Foot Care Tips For Diabetics: Proper foot care is essential for all individuals but it is especially necessary for those who have diabetes. Since diabetics who experience foot injuries and conditions can get seriously ill as a result thereof, it is imperative for these individuals to take good care of their feet on a daily basis. If you have diabetes, the following will provide some helpful hints with regard to daily foot care essentials which will aid in promoting the best health possible.

Daily Foot Care
In order to keep your feet in excellent condition and free of any injuries, chafing or dryness, there are a few things which you can do each day to have healthy feet and therefore optimal health. First, ensure that your feet are washed well and moisturized every day. Doing so will prevent your feet from cracking and getting cuts due to dryness. You should also check your feet each day to ensure that they are free of cuts, swelling and blisters. If you do happen to find any of these things on your feet, let your doctor know right away so that you can prevent further injury from occurring. Another thing which you should do on a continual basis is to trim your toenails. By keeping the toenails neat and trim, it will be less likely that cuts and cracks will occur on the feet.

Wear Sensible Shoes
In addition to the aforementioned daily foot care, it is also necessary to wear comfortable shoes each and every day. Wearing sensible shoes and the right type of socks with the shoes will enable you to walk in comfort and prevent injury to the feet. Also, it is very important that you wear shoes that cover the toes and forego the flip-flops, sandals and especially bare feet. Although one can get pretty bored with the same type of shoes day in and day out, wearing shoes that cover your toes is one of the best things that you can do to protect your feet and prevent any serious injury from resulting due to the potentially lethal combination of having diabetes and experiencing a serious foot injury.

Keep Your Feet At A Neutral Temperature
It is also a wise idea to keep your feet at a neutral temperature and ensure that you are not walking on surfaces which are too hot or too cold. If getting into water, always be certain to check the temperature before putting your feet into the liquid. Jumping in without testing it first can lead to detrimental results and be bad for your health due to your diabetic condition.

Reasonable Amount Of Blood Flow To The Feet
Diabetic individuals must also be sure to keep a reasonable amount of blood flowing to their feet. When sitting down, try to prop your feet up and move them around whenever possible in order to keep the blood flowing freely to the lower extremities. It is also important to not sit with your legs crossed for a long period of time as this too can prevent the flow of blood to the feet.

Consult Your Doctor For Foot Care Tips Directly Targeting Your Needs
Since everyone’s diabetic condition is specific to the individual, it is a good idea to ask your doctor what more you can do to promote good foot care. Your doctor will be able to determine which preventive measures will work best for you and keep your diabetes and any concurrent illnesses in check. Again, if you have any problems with regard to your feet or diabetes in general make an appointment right away to see your medical health professional and have the issue resolved.

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