Proper Foot Care

Proper Foot CareProper foot care is a part of the diabetic’s lifestyle. It is in the same category as watching what they eat and taking the correct medication. There are several methods that an individual can take to ensure their feet are well maintained. Several issues can be caused by inadequate maintenance. A person can get infections; lose the use of one or both feet. In the worst case scenario, amputation or even death can occur. It is fairly simple to take great care of the feet area. Blood circulation as well as nerve problems can be an issue for an individual that has had high blood sugar for a long period of time. With the correct techniques, foot care can become second nature.

If an individual practices excellent foot care techniques, damage can be avoided. The maintenance is primarily completed during a person daily bath ritual. With the nerve issues that are related with diabetes, extra care is important. The loss of feeling can result in hot or cold issues and toenail trimmings. A person may not feel that the water is to hot or that they are scrubbing their feet to hard. Trimming toenails can be dangerous as well. If an individual does not have much feeling in their toes, they may cut themselves too closely.

There are several key aspects to foot maintenance and care. The following should be done daily for a person’s overall health and well-being.

  1. Wash daily. This method may seem fairly simple. However, many people do neglect this part of their body thoroughly. Do not use hot water. With the loss of feeling, this could burn the skin severely. Instead use mildly warm water to clean the feet. Do not scrub harshly. Gently wash with a soft washcloth and mild soap.
  2. Avoid perfume and abrasive soaps or lotions. Scrubbing the feet, especially with dry skin can cause nicks and cuts. Perfume lotions may cause infections in tiny scraps that a person has not discovered yet.
  3. Drying. Before applying the lotion, dry the feet completely. Then use a small amount to massage into the feet. Do not leave clumps of lotions. After this is completely absorbed, put on a clean pair of socks right away.
  4. Trimming toenails. This may seem simple, but cutting toenail can be challenging. There is an ease to follow procedure when accomplishing this task. A person needs to have clippers as well as a file for this undertaking. Always clip the nail from the top and straight across. If the nail is still long on the edges, use a file to finish the designed length. The technique will allow an individual not to cut to close to the skin area as well as relieve ingrown toenails.
  5. Circulation. This method is best done in the evening, especially if a person has been walking around all day long. It is important to keep the blood flowing through the feet for the best possible outcome. Move your feet and toes often. Sit with them raised. A person needs to keep the blood flowing throughout their feet for the optimal circulation.

Feet maintenance is a fairly simple concept. An individual can take only a few minutes a day to make sure this part of their body is well taken care of. Diabetes affects every section of an individual’s system. With a proper foot care regiment, damage can be avoided. Care, preventive measures and trips to a personal physician is all it takes for healthy feet and a strong system.