Tips For Diabetics Who Love To Travel

Tips For Diabetics Who Love To Travel: Traveling is something which many individuals love to do each year. For diabetics, traveling can be a bit more difficult as there are more factors to consider than simply packing one’s bags and hitting the road. Issues such as eating right, having insulin on hand and preparing for the potential glucose related incident are all things which must be given great thought prior to traveling. For those who want the freedom of travel and not have their diabetes hinder their trip, there are a few tips to keep in mind which may prove helpful and make the vacation a success.

Pre-Travel Preparations
Before you hop on that flight or get into your car for a much needed road trip, there are a few pre-trip preparations which all diabetics should complete. First, consult with your medical health professional to ensure that traveling is okay. During that doctor’s visit, ask for a generous amount of insulin and other necessary medications so that you will be sure not to run out of medicine while away on vacation. In addition, ask your doctor if he can recommend a medical facility in the area in which you will be vacationing and if not, call ahead and see what hospitals and doctors are in the area just in case you need some medical attention while away. Always ensure that you have documents on your person stating that you are diabetic as this may be needed in the case of an emergency where you are unable to let them know yourself.

Flying With Diabetes
If your travel plans include flying, there are a few tips to take note of in order to ensure that you get on your flight in a timely manner. First, prior to going through the security area, tell the officials that you are diabetic and have medical supplies in your bags. If you are wearing an insulin pump, make sure to alert them of this fact as well. A note from your doctor will make the whole process go a lot smoother. In addition, labeling is extremely important as are prescriptions so be sure to keep all insulin labels on the bottles and prescriptions on hand. Lastly, ask your doctor what changes should be made with regard to insulin injections if needed during the flight as the injection given in a pressurized cabin such as the one in an airplane might necessitate some changes in how it is done.

Vacation Travel By Car
If heading out on vacation in your own vehicle, you also must be aware of basic necessities when traveling with diabetes. As stated above, make sure that you have more than enough insulin and medication to last the entire trip and then some. Since your prescribing doctor is at home, it is vital to get all that you need before you leave on vacation. In addition, make sure that you have some snacks in the car with you in case you need to get your blood sugar under control. It is also important that you wear comfortable shoes which cover your toes as diabetics need to take extra special care of their feet at all times, not just while on vacation.

Emergency Plan While On Vacation
While on vacation, it is very important to have an emergency plan in mind. Know how to get a hold of doctors, where medical facilities are located and what to do should your blood glucose level be off-target. By having a plan in mind, you will be able to rest easier while on vacation and know that should something occur you are more than ready to handle it.

Author: Staff Writers

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