Foot Care

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foot careFoot care is ideal for the overall health of an individual. Diabetics have lower immune systems as well as nervous system breakdowns. Each person faced with the diabetes disease must take extra precautions when it comes to this feature of the body. There are several causes as well as preventive measures that need to take place for the overall health of a diabetic. Swelling, cracks, dry skin as well as itching can occur. Cuts and sores on an individual’s feet can turn quickly into an infection or even worse. Preventive measures must be taken before unexpected health problems arise. With the lowered immune system, sores and cuts can not heal as quickly. They must be treated right away or an individual may lose the proper use of their foot.

Complications and Causes
The complications for improper foot care can be painful, a disruption of lifestyle and harmful in the future. They can lead to sores, dried skin as well as calluses and even ulcers inside one or both feet. Some individuals that have had high blood sugar for years can develop poor circulation as well as damage to the tendons and nerves. Skin discoloration or deformation of the toes and overall foot can be a cause for alarm. Most of the complications can be treated. However, some may lead to amputations if preventive measures are not taken.

There are several causes that can be attributed to poor foot care. Even though, not all forms of complications can be prevented, over 90% can with the proper technique. The most common causes are as follows:

  1. Footwear. This is a rather simple concept. Nevertheless, it is overlooked frequently. There are specialized shoes and socks that can be purchased for a diabetic’s needs.
  2. Continual damage. Certain medical issues can arise when an individual has experienced high blood sugar for a long period of time. Nerve impairment and horrible circulation can happen with continual damage to the body.
  3. Poor cleaning and maintenance. It is vital for a diabetic to understand the proper method in cleaning their feet. Lotions, soaps and inspections are important for overall excellent health care.
  4. Toenail trimming mishaps. The correct method in trimming the toenails is an important part of feet care. If you make a mistake while trimming, it may cause an infection. This will take some time to heal, if at all, because of the lowered immune system.
  5. Smoking. This habit will lower your circulation as well as your immune system even further. The release of toxins inside the body creates slower blood circulation. This, in turn, will cause an even further decrease in the blood flow in the feet.

Symptoms Of Poor Foot Care
There are several symptoms that are apparent for improper foot care. It is vital to watch closely if a symptom appears. After this occurs, the correct measures need to take place.

  1. Swelling. This is a major tell sign of a problem associated with diabetes. Nevertheless, other health problems may show signs of this issue as well. If swelling does occur, look closely at other symptoms that may be present.
  2. Redness or warmth. This problem can be a sign of an infection. Either on the outside of the foot or an issue inside, infections can be very serious. If this lingers for more than a couple of days, seek a medical professional.
  3. Pain or discomfort. Major pain or a small amount of discomfort can be caused when the feet are not properly taken care of. Preventive measures can control this from happening.
  4. Cuts, sores, scraps or drainage. These types of issues can be caused by various injuries. If a person is experiencing fever, hot or cold spells or any strange sensations, a physician need to be contacted.

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