Using BD Pen Needles For Your Comfort

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BD Pen NeedlesBD (Becton Dickinson) Pen Needles can help you feel different you use them. They are certainly different that other needles. Their technology is more modern, and the BD pen needles are made so that your insulin injections are not uncomfortable. The pen needle is also made where it slides right into your skin. When it’s removed, the needle is straight as a pin.

There are several things that go into making BD pen needles so that they continue to provide comfort and use of ease for diabetics:

The needle is shined and polished and any imperfections are removed. Removing the blemishes from the needle helps it to penetrate the skin better and the needle won’t feel rough during injections. If these blemishes are missed during the process, the injections may be painful and cause discomfort to your skin.

The BD pen needles are well oiled with a layer that is micro-bonded. This process will help the needle penetrate easily in your skin during injections. The needle injection will not feel rough to your skin. The feeling of friction will be nonexistent. During the manufacturing of the pen needle, the lubrication is applied.

With the BD pen needles, the tips are shaped with three unique edges. During the injection, the needle edges separate your skin in three different ways. This is to help the needle inject into your skin without discomfort. Prior to distribution, the needles are checked thoroughly to make sure the standards are met.

There are three different kinds of BD pen needles that are used:

  • BD Ultra-Fine Mini Pen Needle – During injections, you don’t have to pinch your skin. This pen needle is used for children, adults with a thin or muscular frame or people who are scared of needles. The Ultra=Fine Mini Pen Needle is the shortest one that is used in the United States.
  • BD Ultra-Fine Short Pen Needle – This needle is a hot seller. Most people use this size because they feel comfortable with it. The Ultra-Fine Short Pen Needle also allows the insulin to flow properly through the skin.
  • BD Ultra-Fine Original Pen Needle – This pen needle is used for people that require a lot of insulin or they cannot use shorter needles.

The BD Ultra-Fine Pen Needles can be utilized for a 20-unit function check.

The BD Pen Needles can be used with the following brand insulin pens: FlexPen, Levemir FlexPen, NovoPen, NovoPen Junior, Innovo, InnoLet, NovoLet, and InDuo. The pen needles along with the insulin pens can be purchased at stores and pharmacies in your area.

The cost for the BD Pen Needles is different at each store or pharmacy. You can almost equate that to the price of BD Ultra-Fine syringes. You will have to check with your health insurance provider to see if your coverage includes the cost of BD Pen Needles. Check with the medical and the prescription benefit of your insurance plan.

Regardless of which pen needle you use, BD only has one ultimate goal in mind. That goal is for the diabetic to be comfort free when giving themselves injections.

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