What You Should Know About BD Syringes

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What You Should Know About BD Syringes Becton Dickinson (BD) has two kinds of safety-engineered insulin syringes. One is called BD Safety Glide and the other is the BD Safety-Lok. These kinds of syringes are made to protect those in the health care industry and related fields from accidents and injuries resulting from being punctured with the needle.

BD SafetyGlide & BD Safety-Lok

With the BD SafetyGlide, you can use one hand to slide the arm of the syringe; however, with the BD Safety-Lok, you need two hands to slide it. The BD SafetyGlide syringe is used in three different sizes (1 ml, ½ ml, and 3/10 ml). The syringes are packages in a count of 100 per box.

The syringes are designed to only be used once and are labeled as such. After that, they should be properly discarded. If you attempt to use the same one more than one time, you put yourself in harm’s way for an infection or serious injury to your skin. Reusing the needle can also mess up the needle tip of the syringe.

The syringes are made to use with different sizes of needles. They can be used with the BD Ultra-Fine, BD Ultra-Fine II, and BD Micro-Fine needles. The units that are used for the syringes are 1cc (100 unit), ½ cc (50 unit), and 3/10 (30 unit) types. If you use a larger gauge number, that means the needle will be thinner.

There are procedures you should use to dispose of BD syringes. However, you should check with your local area or Trash Company to see how these syringes should be disposed of.

Tips For Disposing of Syringes & Needles

  • When disposing of syringes and related instruments, they should not be done so freely. Use a clipping device to clip the needle.
  • You should not be responsible for someone else’s syringe. If for some reason you have to, get professional training from trained healthcare personnel. If you are not experienced and accidentally stick yourself or someone else, you could bring exposure of injury or infections.
  • A used needle should never be capped again or destroyed. A syringe that has been used should be disposed of in a container that can be tightly sealed.
  • When disposing of syringes and related instruments, you should use a plastic or metal container that has a top that can be tightly sealed. This container should not be in the reach of infants or children. It should be discarded immediately upon full capacity.

When storing unused syringes, they should be placed in a dry place. The syringes do not expire and do not have an expiration date. BD Insulin Syringes should only be used for just that—insulin. When purchasing the BD syringes, they will already be sterilized, so you don’t have to concern yourself about germs or infections.

These syringes can be purchased at stores and pharmacies in your area. If the one you’re looking for is not available, check with your pharmacy or physician to see about ordering some. Prices for the BD syringes will vary at each location.

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