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The Penlet 2 Lancing Device

Penlet 2 Lancing DeviceUsing the Penlet 2 lancing device is another way to check your blood glucose sugar. This lancet device is used by adults and children alike. In order to get the best results, you should follow the instructions as directed.

The first thing you must do is insert a lancet. Before insertion, pull off the cap to the lancet device. The lancet you place in the device should be new and never been used. In order for the lancet to fit properly, the lancet ridges should not be aligned with the lancet holder slots.

While holding the lancet, remove the protective disk and put the cap back on. There are two caps that you can use for the lancet device. One cap has a single line and both adults and children can use it. The other has two lines and is used for diabetics whose skin is difficult to penetrate.

The sliding barrel should be pulled out until you hear a clicking sound. Before you proceed to get blood, wash your hands using soap and warm water. If you use anything other than warm water, there will not be a smooth blood flow. It is important that you dry your hands completely.

If you allow your arm to hang for a few seconds, this will help with the blood flow and make the blood testing easier for you. Most people use alcohol prior to pricking. When you prick your fingers, don’t use the same one each time you’re testing. Pricking in the same area can cause your finger to hurt and create bumps or calluses.

The Penlet II lancet device should be positioned on the side of the finger. Press in with the cap of the device against that area. Press the release button and remove the lancet device. In order to get blood you must squeeze your finger in the area where you pricked it.

When you’ve finished getting blood, be careful as to how you remove the lancet and cap. As you’re holding the prongs, the lancet should be pointed down and away from you. Pull the barrel until the lancet comes out.

After every test, it is important to clean the Penlet II lancet device with soap and water. There are other things you should know about the Penlet II to use with caution. Under no circumstances, should you use a used lancet, whether you’ve used it already or someone else used it. This is a recipe for infection. You are to always use a fresh, sterile one for each blood glucose test.

If for some reason, someone else uses the same Penlet II lancer as you, a new lancet should always be used. Also, you should also use a new cap or make sure the one you have is thoroughly disinfected. Actually, it’s better if you don’t share Penlet II lancet devices to further prevent the spread of infection.

When you’re finished with the lancet, make sure it is discarded in a plastic container where you can place sharp items. Using this lancet device properly can prevent unnecessary mishaps and infections.

Accu-Chek Softclix Lancing Device

Accu-Chek Softclix Lancing DeviceThe Accu-Check Softclix lancing device is made by Accu-Chek and costs more than the other lancing devices on the market. There are several reasons for this. First, they provide more comfort than some of the other brands on the market because of its unique design and operation. In fact, it has been touted as the most comfortable lancet available.

Even though this lancing device is smaller, it is by far one of the most reliable. The Softclix can be used for years to come, provided it’s taken care of properly. It’s also short in length, as opposed to other lancing device brands.

The Softclix lancing device is placed into a slot. This slot can hold the lancets without any problems. These can last for a long time and you don’t have to concern yourself about breakage.

To operate it, remove the cap from the lancing device. Place the Softclix lancet into the holder. Remove the cover of the lancet and put the cap back on. The cap is required to secure a certain way. It has to line up with the device or it won’t be secure. It may take some time until it is aligned properly.

In order to get the correct depth, twist the tip to get the measurement that you need. On the Softclix lancet device, there are 11 measurement settings you can use to make sure the needle penetrates far enough into the skin. After you’ve done that, the device has to be cocked. Press the button until you hear a clicking sound. You will know that you’re on the right track when the button turns yellow.

Only when the button is yellow can you proceed to press it. You have to have enough strength in order to activate the lancing device. This device needs at least 14 ounces of pressure in order to operate.

If the first time wasn’t good, you can try again. On the next try, you may want to increase the depth and then cock it again. If it works a second time around, then you can remove the top and remove the lancet.

Even though the Softclix lancets and lancing device may be pricier than the others, you can get your money’s worth from this one. It is so compact and easy to hold that it’s great for adults and children to use.

Introduction To Lancing Devices

introduction to lancing devicesAn introduction to lancing devices! If you or a member of your family has diabetes, what do you need to know about lancing devices? The answer to this question is that the more you know about the different types of products that are available, the more likely you will be to choose the one particular device that will best suit your own personal needs. After all, the fact is that the most well-informed consumer is the consumer who will be the most satisfied with the product he or she eventually chooses.

It makes much more sense to get the facts in advance, so that you will not waste money on products you will not be satisfied with, tolerate unnecessary inconvenience, or have troublesome experiences from using products which may be inferior, or may simply not be the style that you would prefer to use. It’s all about choice– and choice is all about being well-informed!

When you are preparing to purchase a lancing device, there are a number of factors to consider. If the device is for someone else’s use, it is very important to keep that person’s specific needs in mind when you are thinking about which device to buy. This is important for any user, but even more so when the diabetic is a child, because it often does not take more than one bad experience to cause fear in a youngster, and may interfere with his future blood-drawing experiences.

With all of this in mind, one factor in choosing a lancing device is the degree of discomfort it may cause. As all lancing devices differ, it is helpful to know before you select one how much or how little pain will result from its use. Obviously, you will want to choose a device which causes as little discomfort as possible.

Safety is another extremely important factor. Ensuring that the device can be handled safely, and that removing and disposing of used needles can be done quickly and with as little risk of accidental pokes or scrapes as possible, will show that the device you choose is a good one!

You should also take into consideration how easy it is to use the device. Although this will make blood-drawing much more efficient for children, it is actually a factor for any diabetic, regardless of age. No one wants to rely on a device that is difficult and time-consuming, especially when it is to be used a number of times throughout each day.

You would probably prefer a lancing device that is convenient. The general idea is that if the device is small and compact, and can be kept filled with the needles rather than making it necessary to insert one at a time, it will cause the least interference to your daily schedule.

Now that you know what factors are the most important in selecting the best kind of lancing device, all you will really need to do is check the packaging and labeling thoroughly to be sure the device you are considering is the one that will be the most appropriate for you!

Ascensia Microlet Lancing Device

Ascensia Microlet Lancing DevicePeople are raving about the Ascensia Microlet lancing device— and it is for a good reason! When you look at all the great features that you will receive in the product, you will agree that it is no wonder the Ascensia Microlet is quickly earning the praise of nearly everyone who has tried it!

If you are like most people, you may be skeptical, wondering how or even if anyone product can meet such expectations. The truth is, there are so many good things about the Ascensia Microlet that once you have had the opportunity to use one, it is very likely that you too will want to “spread the word” about this amazing little device!

Let’s look at the features that will make monitoring your blood sugar a quick and painless task when you elect to use the Ascensia Microlet! First and foremost, if you have been dealing with diabetes for a long period of time, you may consider the discomfort of blood-drawing to be anything from a minor annoyance to an absolute nightmare. Fortunately, you can now have a device which is made with a number of special features, all designed for the purpose of making your blood sugar monitoring as comfortable an experience as it can possibly be!

One feature of the Ascensia Microlet which you will like is that this device is designed to be used with very narrow lancets. The reason why this factor makes the Ascensia Microlet the most excellent choice is that the narrower the needles you use in your blood-drawing, the less discomfort your will experience! As any diabetic knows, this is a very important factor indeed!

You may also like the feature of alternate site testing. If you are one of the many diabetics who must check blood sugar levels frequently throughout the day, you will surely prefer the option of no longer needing to prick the same finger again and again. When you are able to choose different areas on which to test, this will lessen the impact of discomfort.

The adjustable lancing feature of the Ascensia Microlet will make it easy for each person to cater his testing to his own skin type. This factor also influences the degree of discomfort in the blood-drawing process. When you use the Ascensia Microlet, you can easily select the range of depth that is just right for you!

In today’s modern world, appearance means a lot, so you will appreciate the nice design of the Ascensia Microlet. Instead of carrying unsightly devices, you will have a lancing device that is well-constructed, with large-sized buttons which will make your blood-drawing experience even easier and more efficient.

Now that you know all of these things about the Ascensia Microlet, it is quite likely that you have decided it is the device you want. It will make your blood sugar monitoring much easier, pleasant, and accurate– all you need to do is purchase one and you will find out for yourself why so many diabetics have already decided that the Ascensia Microlet is definitely the lancing device of choice!

Non Adjusting Auto Lancing Device

non adjusting lancing deviceAs there are many different kinds of adjustable lancets available for use in blood-drawing, you may not be familiar with the non-adjusting auto lancing devices, or you may not know if this special device could be the right one for you. There are a number of reasons why a non-adjustable auto-lancet can be preferable over the adjustable style. Let’s look at the differences, so you can decide whether this device is the one you want to use.

The main reason why this particular product may be your device-of-choice is its absolute convenience. Unlike other devices which require adjusting– some on a frequent basis– the non-adjustable auto-lancet is automatically ready to use, each and every time, with no additional preparation necessary. While this feature will be well-received by many diabetics in general, it is a special bonus for youngsters. Your child will not need to do anything with this device except use it. It is also an ideal choice for youngsters because its use does not require much effort. Using the non-adjustable auto-lancet requires far less pressure than most other devices.

This device is also quite handy. Its compact size and light weight make it very easy for the patient to simply tuck it into a pocket or purse and almost forget about it until it is needed for blood-drawing.

There are only two aspects of the non-adjustable auto-lancet which some people do not like. One negative factor of this product is that it may pose a safety concern for some people, especially if the user is a child. In order to dispose of a used lancet, it is necessary to handle the lancet itself, removing it from the holder by hand. While the patient can be shown how to do this in the safest manner possible, it still carries some degree of risk. In addition to removing the lancet, children need to be taught how to safely dispose of “sharps.”

The other factor which some people do not like, but others do not see it as a large concern, is that some may experience discomfort in using the non-adjustable auto-lancet. The reason for this is that it does not adjust to various types of skin the way the adjustable varieties do. For most people, though, it is not a serious issue.

Selecting just the right type of lancet device is important to every diabetic. Having a bad experience with a device even once can lead a person to being wary of the entire blood-drawing process; this is especially true with young children. Fortunately, all it usually takes to ensure both safety and comfort in blood-drawing is to prepare the person beforehand with the knowledge of how to use the device correctly, and how to remove and dispose of the used lancets afterward. With this kind of advance preparation ahead of time, the diabetic may find that a non-adjustable auto-lancet is the most convenient method of blood-drawing that he or she has ever used.

Penlet R Plus Lancing Device

Penlet R Plus Lancing DeviceWhat makes the new Penlet-R Plus lancing device any different or any better than the older styles of lancing devices? If you have been having difficulty in trying to keep up with everything “new” that comes out in terms of diabetic supplies, you might like to know that this improved version of the Penlet is already quite popular amongst people who have tried it.

In order to convince you that you, too, should try this product, let’s look at some of its great new features! One of the most important features of the Penlet-R Plus is that it is one of the most pain-free devices currently available for routine diabetic blood testing. The special, superior-quality needles used with this device are designed to make your blood-drawing tasks as comfortable as they can possibly be. If, like most diabetics, your health care plan requires you to do your blood testing process on a very frequent basis, this is a feature which you will definitely appreciate.

The Penlet-R Plus features seven different depth settings. This will prove to be an invaluable aid in making your blood-drawing nearly pain-free. When you adjust the Penlet-R Plus to the precise setting you want, you may think that this product was made especially for you! Whatever your age, size, body composition, or skin type may be, this device is equally suited for every diabetic who needs to perform routine blood testing, because its adjustable feature will make it “just the right fit” for each person.

The Penlet-R Plus is convenient and safe. Both of these factors are very important to most people who are dealing with diabetes in their lives. First, you will have no difficulty taking this small, portable device wherever you go– it is that compact, neat, and even stylish! Second, another great feature of the Penlet-R Plus is that it provides hands-free removal and disposal of used needles.

As there is probably no one who likes to handle used needles, this feature alone makes the Penlet-R Plus a very worthwhile tool. In addition to the fact that handling needles is a distasteful prospect for many people, it can also pose health risks and dangers, especially for young children. You will no longer have that concern when you elect to use the Penlet-R Plus, because this device features the cleanest and safest way of removing and disposing of the used needles.

When you purchase your Penlet-R Plus lancing device, you will also receive a set of twenty-five lancets. After you have tried this excellent new product, you will know why so many people have been saying how wonderful it is! If you have used and been dissatisfied with any number of lancing devices in the past, you are in for a very pleasant surprise with the Penlet-R Plus– not only is this new product receiving a lot of praise, you will immediately agree that it is well worth it all.

Lasette Laser Lancing Device

Lasette Laser Lancing DeviceIf you or a member of your family has diabetes, you may often wonder if there are any new methods of helping you to deal with this condition. Although each person has his or her own individual needs, one which is often expressed is the desire to be able to deal with the routine, frequent blood testing that is necessary for proper diabetes management. While people express concern over such issues as inconvenience, another extremely important factor in blood-testing techniques is that of pain.

Successfully managing one’s diabetes can be a very uncomfortable task. While this is true for most diabetics, it can be a special problem for children. The implications of this factor can be that the person will not manage his condition appropriately, if the testing procedure is so distasteful that he does not perform it as regularly as he should.

The personal lasette laser lancing device will solve this problem. This innovative method will end the diabetic’s pain from blood testing once and for all. For those who have felt that regular blood testing is even more of a burden than their diabetes itself, the personal lasette laser lancing device is like a small miracle.

This device will rid the diabetic of painful needles; instead of obtaining samples of blood for testing by the usual method of pricking one’s finger, the personal lasette laser lancing device obtains the blood sample by way of a laser beam. The diabetic patient will surely find this to be preferable over the old method!

Another factor which is relevant to the personal lasette laser lancing device being the method of choice is that it is a very convenient little tool. This small, unobtrusive device is portable, making it much easier for the diabetic to carry and use. Although this factor is important to most people, it is especially true for active people with busy lifestyles. A personal lasette laser lancing device is much easier to have on hand and to use discreetly, whether the diabetic spends much of his day in school or in the office.

The personal lasette laser lancing device is also adjustable. Its power settings can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of the individual user. As children, adults, and the elderly all have their own specific needs, this feature is a great contribution to this device being the blood testing method of choice.

The personal lasette laser lancing device is a sanitary, hygenic tool. When it is used properly, it will eliminate the diabetic’s worry about possible infection from unsterilized products.

Considering the number of benefits which are provided by a personal lasette laser lancing device, and how clearly this tool is far more superior a method of blood testing than the old method of using needles, it is not surprising that it is quickly gaining popularity amongst diabetics of all ages. Even though it is not a costly product in general ($495), it is well worth the price– you now have the choice of never having to deal with the old-fashioned methods of blood testing again.

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Soft Touch II and ComforTouch How They Work Together

Soft Touch II and ComforTouch How They Work TogetherThe Soft Touch II is the next lancing device to use after the original Soft Touch device. The newer instrument performs better than the former and has a better touch. It is also stronger than the former lancing device. With extra strength, the Soft Touch II can operate better. On the downside, there is a safety concern. The device can accidentally cut into your skin and cause serous injury.

This lancing device uses the BD Ultra Fine and ComforTouch lancets. The BD Ultra Fine lancet is not made like other lancets. The metal that is inside only goes so far and is not parallel to the lancet itself. Because of the fine point on the lancet, it is one of the best ones to use for children and adults alike. This lancet is also a good fit because it’s less painful.

Putting the cap back on is simple. When the cap is put back on, the point is covered. This procedure is easy for children to do. The downside with this is, if you don’t know whether the lancet is fresh or used, you may end up causing yourself harm if you accidentally use one that was used before.

The ComforTouch is smaller in size compared to some of the other lancets on the market. This lancet can be placed into the lancing device with no problems. The lancet can be placed into the cap with relative ease. Fortunately for those who use this lancet brand, the difference between a used lancet and a new one is made clear. This brand of lancets is good for children to use.

In order to use the Soft Touch II lancing device, remove the top and you will notice a lancet compartment with a spring. The lancet is placed into the compartment and pushed toward the spring. You must allow the lancet to be pushed down as far as it will go. Take of the lancet’s safety top and it should be leaning toward the Soft Touch II lancing device.

With the lancing device, there are two tops. One is a regular top. This one is used by small children. The other one is called an extra-depth top. Children use this one also, especially when they want to ensure that they have enough blood for glucose testing.

To operate the Soft Touch II lancing device, you must slide the cocking instrument until it clicks in placed. You will know this when you hear a clicking sound. While you are doing this, it is important not to touch the tip of the lancing device. Since the lancet comes out through the hole during cocking, your fingers could be exposed to accidental injury if in the way of the lancet.

In order for the Soft Touch II lancing device to operate properly, you must exert more pressure on it. The downside with this for children is that some of them may not be able to use so much strength to execute the lancet.

The lancet should be removed after you have tested your blood glucose level. This is done when you move the cocking instrument to the front of the lancing device. Even though the tops for these devices can be used for children, overall this lancing device is not for them, due to the enormous strength that has to be used to apply the lancet process.

SoftClix R Lancing Device

SoftClix R Lancing DeviceThe Softclix-R lancing device has a number of features which make it one of the finest new lancet devices that is currently available. After you have heard some of the details about this excellent product, you will surely decide that it is the lancing device for you– and once you have tried the Softclix-R, you will know that you have found just the right device for for your blood-drawing needs.

What could possibly make any one product so ideal for helping you to manage your diabetes? Let’s look at some of the features provided by the Softclix-R!

For the best possible management of your diabetes, owning a product which will allow you to draw your blood samples as frequently as necessary with the least amount of discomfort to you is one of the most significant factors. The Softclix-R is specially designed with this purpose in mind. As it is complete with eleven different settings, each person who uses a Softclix-R will surely consider it to be the most comfortable blood-drawing tool that they have ever used.

Many diabetics have had the difficult experience of their device breaking. When you have a Softclix-R, there will be far less worry about this problem, because it is made to be more sturdy and more durable than most other devices. Not only is this feature helpful in the everyday use of a Softclix-R, it also makes carrying and storing the device safer and easier than one that could break, crack, or even fall apart. The Softclix-R is not only newer, it is most definitely better!

As general safety is often a concern with the process of blood-testing, you will also appreciate the special feature of the Softclix-R which will allow you to remove and dispose of your used needles without having to touch them. Although this is a great feature for any diabetic, it is even more important for children– they can take out the needle and dispose of it properly without it coming into contact with their hands, fingers, or risking the needle being dropped.

Although some people may think this to be a minor concern, another feature to consider with the Softclix-R is that it has a nice appearance. Even the most sophisticated and fashion-conscious diabetics will not be embarrassed by other people seeing their device. If you routinely carry a pen, you can routinely carry your Softclix-R device– it is that discreet!

Every diabetic has his or her own particular concerns and preferences when preparing to buy a lancing device. Whether your priority is comfort, safety, personal discretion, fine construction, or a combination of all of these all-important factors, it is likely that you will decide the Softclix-R is the ideal device for you. If all of these important features have not yet convinced you, all you need to do is purchase one of these fine instruments, and you are assured that you will be more than satisfied with your choice!

Unistik 2 Lancing Device

Unistik 2 Lancing DeviceThe Unistik 2 lancing device is made by the Owen Mumford Company. This device is set up to use one time and then thrown away. It is used for infants to test their blood glucose. The testing is done on the heels of their feet.

In order to avoid injury of their feet, the lancet is only pierced so much into that area. There is also a side-trigger component that prevents excessive pressure on the infant’s heel. This component, along with the needle, can protect those who administer the blood test from getting accidentally pricked.

This single use lancet device has five versions. Each version has a different needle gauge and the skin penetrations vary for each one. All five versions use the same side-trigger component to avoid accidentally injury with the needle.

Here are the five versions of the Unistik 2 lancing device:

  • Unistik 2 Comfort – The needle on this lancing device is thin and there’s not much penetration. Because of this, enough blood samples can be taken, especially is the skin is tender and extremely soft. This lancing device is used at home, or at a health care facility (diabetic clinic, geriatrics, pediatrics).
  • Unistik 2 Normal – This lancing device is used for people who have normal skin and it is also used in tests. It can also be used at home or at a health care facility (blood transfusion, adults, and geriatrics).
  • Unistik 2 Extra – This lancing device provides more skin penetration. This one is used for people who have tough skin, various tests and expanded blood samples. It can also be used for blood transfusions.
  • Unistik 2 Super – This lancing device is used for larger blood samples and various tests. This can also be used at health care facilities in the ICU/CCU departments.
  • Unistik 2 Neonatal – This lancing device is used to test blood for sickle cell disease, and other blood disorders.

Using the Unistik 2 lancing device is simple, but you have to follow the instructions provided as directed.

The lancet cap goes into the Unistik 2 lancing device until you hear a click. Remove the lancet cap by twisting it. Once you notice the cap and the device are separated, continue to twist until the separation is complete. You must discard the cap and place it in a container.

For adults, choose somewhere on your finger to do the pricking. If it’s an infant, choose an area on the heel. Press the device toward the targeted skin area and release the lancet by pressing the button. You may need to massage the affected area in order for the pricking of blood to be effective. To prevent extra pressure, do not squeeze the targeted skin area.

After the pricking is complete, the needle immediately draws back. You are now Free to dispose of the needle. It should be disposed of very quickly and not left lying around somewhere. This is especially important if you have infants and small children in the area. They are notorious for getting into things, and messing with these devices is no exception.

If you’re unsure of which one to use, check with your primary care physician to help you select the right one for you.