The Penlet 2 Lancing Device

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Penlet 2 Lancing DeviceUsing the Penlet 2 lancing device is another way to check your blood glucose sugar. This lancet device is used by adults and children alike. In order to get the best results, you should follow the instructions as directed.

The first thing you must do is insert a lancet. Before insertion, pull off the cap to the lancet device. The lancet you place in the device should be new and never been used. In order for the lancet to fit properly, the lancet ridges should not be aligned with the lancet holder slots.

While holding the lancet, remove the protective disk and put the cap back on. There are two caps that you can use for the lancet device. One cap has a single line and both adults and children can use it. The other has two lines and is used for diabetics whose skin is difficult to penetrate.

The sliding barrel should be pulled out until you hear a clicking sound. Before you proceed to get blood, wash your hands using soap and warm water. If you use anything other than warm water, there will not be a smooth blood flow. It is important that you dry your hands completely.

If you allow your arm to hang for a few seconds, this will help with the blood flow and make the blood testing easier for you. Most people use alcohol prior to pricking. When you prick your fingers, don’t use the same one each time you’re testing. Pricking in the same area can cause your finger to hurt and create bumps or calluses.

The Penlet II lancet device should be positioned on the side of the finger. Press in with the cap of the device against that area. Press the release button and remove the lancet device. In order to get blood you must squeeze your finger in the area where you pricked it.

When you’ve finished getting blood, be careful as to how you remove the lancet and cap. As you’re holding the prongs, the lancet should be pointed down and away from you. Pull the barrel until the lancet comes out.

After every test, it is important to clean the Penlet II lancet device with soap and water. There are other things you should know about the Penlet II to use with caution. Under no circumstances, should you use a used lancet, whether you’ve used it already or someone else used it. This is a recipe for infection. You are to always use a fresh, sterile one for each blood glucose test.

If for some reason, someone else uses the same Penlet II lancer as you, a new lancet should always be used. Also, you should also use a new cap or make sure the one you have is thoroughly disinfected. Actually, it’s better if you don’t share Penlet II lancet devices to further prevent the spread of infection.

When you’re finished with the lancet, make sure it is discarded in a plastic container where you can place sharp items. Using this lancet device properly can prevent unnecessary mishaps and infections.

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