Non Adjusting Auto Lancing Device

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non adjusting lancing deviceAs there are many different kinds of adjustable lancets available for use in blood-drawing, you may not be familiar with the non-adjusting auto lancing devices, or you may not know if this special device could be the right one for you. There are a number of reasons why a non-adjustable auto-lancet can be preferable over the adjustable style. Let’s look at the differences, so you can decide whether this device is the one you want to use.

The main reason why this particular product may be your device-of-choice is its absolute convenience. Unlike other devices which require adjusting– some on a frequent basis– the non-adjustable auto-lancet is automatically ready to use, each and every time, with no additional preparation necessary. While this feature will be well-received by many diabetics in general, it is a special bonus for youngsters. Your child will not need to do anything with this device except use it. It is also an ideal choice for youngsters because its use does not require much effort. Using the non-adjustable auto-lancet requires far less pressure than most other devices.

This device is also quite handy. Its compact size and light weight make it very easy for the patient to simply tuck it into a pocket or purse and almost forget about it until it is needed for blood-drawing.

There are only two aspects of the non-adjustable auto-lancet which some people do not like. One negative factor of this product is that it may pose a safety concern for some people, especially if the user is a child. In order to dispose of a used lancet, it is necessary to handle the lancet itself, removing it from the holder by hand. While the patient can be shown how to do this in the safest manner possible, it still carries some degree of risk. In addition to removing the lancet, children need to be taught how to safely dispose of “sharps.”

The other factor which some people do not like, but others do not see it as a large concern, is that some may experience discomfort in using the non-adjustable auto-lancet. The reason for this is that it does not adjust to various types of skin the way the adjustable varieties do. For most people, though, it is not a serious issue.

Selecting just the right type of lancet device is important to every diabetic. Having a bad experience with a device even once can lead a person to being wary of the entire blood-drawing process; this is especially true with young children. Fortunately, all it usually takes to ensure both safety and comfort in blood-drawing is to prepare the person beforehand with the knowledge of how to use the device correctly, and how to remove and dispose of the used lancets afterward. With this kind of advance preparation ahead of time, the diabetic may find that a non-adjustable auto-lancet is the most convenient method of blood-drawing that he or she has ever used.

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