Duetact: If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, you are probably already on some sort of medication to help control your blood sugar levels. Duetact is a medication that is prescribed by your doctor to control the fluctuations in your blood sugar level that your insulin levels that you produce cannot prevent. Duetact has a dual purpose for many patients. Duetact can provide some lipid benefits but is not intended to be a substitute for cholesterol medicines. Research has shown that the user of Duetact has lower cholesterol levels but the medicine should not be used for that purpose. The main purpose for Duetact is for diabetic control. Duetact is specifically designed for type 2 diabetic conditions. As with all diabetic medicine this works best when you diet and exercise. Not only should you diet and exercise but you should also take nutritional counseling to help you decide which food you should and should not eat to help control your blood sugar levels.

Duetact it is not a good medicine the take if you have had any active liver disease. Your doctor will perform a blood test to see if Duetact is right for you and if you have other conditions that might prevent you from using the medication. Side effects of Duetact include vomiting and stomach pain and you also may feel tired and have a loss of appetite. If you are woman Duetact may increase your risk of becoming pregnant. Though the side effects sound serious they only occur in a small percentage of people who actually take the medication.

When taking Duetact, as with any other diabetic medications, you need to monitor your blood sugar level. Your blood sugar level should be at a place where your doctor is comfortable and you can go about their day go your day without medications or a doctor’s care. Duetact is not a cure for diabetes, but it is a treatment. The treatment regimen must be followed as the doctor prescribes.

Duetact is a oral medication that is taken once daily with your breakfast meal. You should not stop taking Duetact unless you are advised to do so by your doctor. If you feel any of the side effects of Duetact or the side effects hypoglycemia then you need to consult your doctor immediately. Do not mix any medications until and you talk to your doctor and understand the full effects of the mixture. Some p mixtures s of medication can cause adverse side effects or compound the side effects of the original dose of the original medicine.

Detecting combines two proven medications, ACTOS and glimepiride. Both medications are combined in one tablet that allows easy pill delivery. ACTOS reduces insulin resistance and opens the cells sensitivity to insulin. A second medication, glimepiride helps your body and your pancreas make more insulin. This will give you the dual action of both helping the receptor cells to accept the insulin more readily and at the same time you will be producing more insulin. The combination should reduce your high blood sugar levels and let you leave a more normal life with out as many diabetic medications or insulin injections.