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actosInsulin receptors have an ally with ACTOS. ACTOS is a new pharmaceutical that helps with the treatment and management of type 2 diabetes. ACTOS helps promotes the sensitivity of insulin and helps to improve glycemic control. This powerful medicine has been proven in research to help maintain blood sugar levels. Though the daily maintenance is up to the patient, the drug makes low sugar levels less frequent. Used alone or with combinations of metformin, insulin, and sulfonylurea ACTOS combined with diet and exercise is sure to succeed in your healing endeavors. The drug alone will help, but diet and exercise will increase the chances that the treatment will be successful.

The dosage of ACTOS is dependent on the individual. Some people can take larger dosages than others. It has to do with body size and how well your body will adjust to the new medication. The doctor may start you out on a dose of between fifteen and thirty milligrams and may increase the dosage if no negative side effects are noticed. The dosage will be increased as positive effects are noticed. Different amounts of ACTOS will be used when combined with other agents like sulfonylureas. For example, ACTOS does not need to be increased unless the total affect of the combination of drugs is proving to act in a negative or neutral manner.

ACTOS has been shown to have some side effects. One of the most severe side effect is upper respiratory infection. If you feel like you have or are getting a cold or flu. See your doctor immediately. You are more susceptible to these types of infections with this type of medication. Other minor side effects include headaches, sinusitis, and myalgia. A very small percent of the patients experienced tooth disorders. This was very rare but is still significant enough to list as a side effect.

It is know that ACTOS could case a decrease in hemoglobin and hematocritt. This is dose related and not a direct cause from the medication. The doctor will check for these conditions during the first few weeks of your treatment. Though the conditions are negative, they usually level out after a couple of months and they no longer need to be monitored after that. Your plasma level will increase, but again, it will level out to allow the ACTOS to take affect. Your doctor will be able to monitor this in case of complications by simple blood tests.

With this medicine, a regiment of diet and exercise is recommended. Also you should monitor your blood sugar levels and not rely on the medicine alone. If you feel headaches, dizziness, or have slight tremors, treat your low blood levels and contact your doctor immediate. ACTOS can not act alone so make sure you do your part to help bring you blood sugar levels back to a normal level. You might gain some weight or you may experience dry with ACTOS and this in small doses could be normal, but contact your doctor immediately if these conditions occur.

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