Yoga And Diabetes

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Yoga And DiabetesYoga And Diabetes: When you have diabetes it can hurt both your life and your health and what better way to help take care of you and your health than to exercise. No doubt if you have developed Neuropathy then you don’t feel like really moving at all depending on how much pain you are feeling. However, there are times when you are not feeling the symptoms as bad as other times and those are the times when you should try to do some light-weight exercise.

Yoga has become very popular through many different people, not just those who are going through physical therapy. It can help to manage and maintain your blood sugar levels. If you follow a healthy diet, great exercise routine and a slower paced life then what people are living now you can live healthier and live longer. If you avoid a hazardous life by not smoking and doing drugs and follow the plans from above then diseases cannot find a way into your life. Not saying there is not the occasional person that disease happens to no matter how many cautions they have taken. However, playing it safe can bring on better opportunities of not developing diseases.

Life is today’s world is so fast paced and sometimes hard to keep up with that people let their health’s drag behind them. Yoga helps to slow down life and make a “stop to smell the roses” kind of affect to your life. Diabetes shows up in your life and has a huge impact on both your emotional and physical well being. Usually your doctor will tell you after you are diagnosed with diabetes that you can exercise in the ways of swimming, jogging, gardening, cycling, or walking. These are all light-weight exercises that do not involve any hard labor or tiring affects which can be perfect.

Yoga is another way that does not involve heavy-lifting or tiring exercise; it had been proven to manage diabetes and help keep you and your body healthier. Yoga works by contracting muscles in your body which will in turn use up a lot of sugar. Since the pancreas is what creates the problem in diabetes (makes insulin) it is good to know that yoga helps to take some of the pressure off of it. Yoga will also help to decrease weight it also helps to reduce stress and improves the action of insulin.

Here is a list of Yoga exercises that you can choose from:

The first one is called Asanas
It is not really referred to an exercise it is more the warm-up to get you to the exercises. There are many stretches, strains and twists involved with this routine. It increases blood and oxygen to all your organs it can provide a healthier function for some of your other organs and glands also. Which for a person who had diabetes that can be a life-saver all on its own. Some Arsana exercises that have helped those who have diabetes are called sarvangaasana, pavan muktasana, yoga mudra, vajrasana, arhamatsynedrasana. Those are just a few exercises helps take care of some of the signs and symptoms of diabetes.

When starting an exercise routine you should use some of the following techniques to help with your diabetes. When injecting insulin you should find a place that will not affect by exercise because that could cause some unnecessary pain. Always check you blood sugar level before exercising to ensure a low level. You never want to do any hard labor exercises but even low cardio exercises could be dangerous when you have a high blood sugar level. If you have Neuropathy is an extremely good idea to start some sort of meditation routine. Meditation can provide many things that some other exercises can not, such as lower stress and positive thinking.

Another position that can be used throughout a Yoga routine is called Surya namaskara this is also referred to as salutation to the sun because the position has your arms pointing straight up to the sky. It can give you a sense of feeling free, almost like you are flying especially if you are doing the position outside. It always produces more blood supply through-out the body and providing insulin to more parts of the body.

Another exercise is called Kapalbhati pranayama this exercise will help your mind to feel more free and less stressed while also helping the annoyances of diabetes. This is the only exercise that basically puts you in charge of it by using your minds potential. This exercise usually consists of more of a breathing procedure then anything else. Used commonly for meditation practices.

Anuloma-viloma is another exercise that can help with the symptoms of diabetes. This is another breathing exercise and helps to get rid of some of the toxics that have been building up because of pollution and stress. This exercise is not only good for diabetes it also helps to cure the common cold, chronic headaches, asthma and insomnia. You will first want to sit in a comfortable yet erect position making sure that your head, neck and back stay relatively straight then place you middle finger and index finger toward your palm. You’ll want to place your thumb to your right nostril and you little finger and ring finger to your left nostril. Then close your nostril with your thumb and inhale slowly thorough your left nostril after that close your little finger and ring finger to plug up your other nostril while slowly exhaling from your right nostril while taking your thumb away. After exhaling start inhaling from that same nostril, finally close off your right nostril with your thumb again and start exhale from your left nostril while taking your fingers away. Once you have done that, then you have completed the first session and are ready to start round 2. Do this same routine for 10 times around.

For meditation help you might want to follow the following advice. You will want to meditate when not many people are around; in fact it is better to be in a quiet room without and interruptions. Meditation helps to the nervous system which is essentially helps your stress levels. Intelligence can also be progressed through meditation, clearness of the mind can be reached and your senses to be alert more often can be found. Health wise you will be less prone to diseases and feel a sense of being more social and less anxious. Meditation has been found helpful in a numerous amount of conditions such as family issues, more memories remembered while forgetting less. Another great benefit for those who have high blood pressure is that they will find themselves having lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

When you have diabetes it may very hard to find any motivation for any sort of movement alone let along exercise. However, you could do some chair exercises that will help you to feel more in tune with your body and less concerned about stressful issues. If you sit still for too long you are calling more diseases and more unhealthiness to your life and no one wants that. Just mediating for 30 minutes through-out the day helps to let go of some of your stress which ultimately bring a lot of people down.

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