Making The Right Decisions

Making The Right Decisions: When you have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes you’ll probably start to wonder what you can do to help your condition. When you have been diagnosed, the first thing you can do to help yourself, is to start exercising and start dieting.

This is key to making sure your glucose levels stay in normal range rather than at a harmful state. It is as simple as that. If you exercise daily and watch what you eat you could be your old self within no time. Granted you will still very much be a type 2 diabetic but you will be taking care of yourself and your health which means that you can live a normal life.

Just remember to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and stay away from sweets and candies. That is of course, just step one. Try yoga or Tai Chi, both will help to boost your health and lower you glucose levels. If you are looking for something that gives you more of a workout then you might want to try aerobics or hitting the gym 3 times a week.

When you choose to go out to eat make sure you choose the best food for both you and your diabetes. It’s like you are eating for two. Think about having a little baby inside of you. What would be best for your baby? Well then at this point that is best for you. Try apples, oranges, bananas and grapes or even kiwi if you like. Make sure to drink plenty of water and some sugar free juices. I like the Sunrise drink by Crystal Lite. It has a lot of vitamin C and doesn’t increase my blood sugar.

Just because you are diabetic doesn’t mean you can’t have sugar, it simply means you must cut down on your sugar which granted on its own can be a hard thing. However, your health needs it and your body must have it.

Sometimes meditation can be another way to help lower glucose levels you would honestly be surprised at how much meditating could mean to your life. It could mean a huge amount of things for your health and even your family’s health if they wish to meditate also. It is also a form of exercise so you could totally get away with mediating daily while reducing your blood sugar level.

This all sounds like a good plan. However, many people have a hard time sticking to it. Of course there are those of us who are complete health nuts of would have this new diet and exercise plan already on speed dial if this is you then that’s wonderful you have already won have the battle.

It is important however to exercise for various reasons not just for lowering your glucose level. You will also want to exercise because of the many problems that come with being a diabetic. Some circulatory problems come from being a diabetic, therefore getting your blood up and moving around is most important. You could even walk for 30 minutes a day and that would provide you with enough exercise to get your blood moving and get everything else to start moving also. Exercising also helps to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol, the more exercise you do the better off you can be and feel. It’s pretty much all up to you!