Diabetic Exercise

Exercise is a horrible topic to cover when it comes to diabetes. The reason almost always has to do with the lack of interest. That lack of interest can occasionally be hostile.

diabetic exerciseDiabetic Exercise: Exercise is a horrible topic to cover when it comes to diabetes. The reason almost always has to do with the lack of interest. That lack of interest can occasionally be hostile.

Apart from the argument that it is a helpful instrument in dealing with and managing blood sugar levels it is simply not an effort that is a lot of fun. It’s not even something you can be greatly motivated to do.

The reasons are many, but for the diabetic it could be that you are very tired and the thought of exercise is a burden that is easy to ignore.

While you know a good workout will probably make you feel better it’s hard to take that walk, ride that bike or climb onto that elliptical.

Often what predicated onset diabetes is being overweight. This is generally a condition that has not found much use for exercise and the additional burden of carrying the label of diabetic makes it even harder to muster the courage to launch a needed exercise routine.

AmericaOnTheMove.org is just one organization that is encouraging people to exercise a little bit more. Like other programs they encourage extra time working out and they provide ways to decrease your caloric intake, but they also advocate a buddy system.

This organization understands that when you have someone willing to encourage you it will be possible for you to walk more, bike further and exercise more than you would on your own.

These individuals become your cheerleaders and they can help hold you accountable for your health management goals.

You might find a suitable ‘buddy’ online. This will be someone who can email you to check on your progress. They can also be people you email to check on their progress.

A good buddy might be found in your own home. Your spouse or children might be willing to be exercise partners with you. Sometimes a family pet might be a great excuse for a diabetic to go for an extended walk.

If you have a heath and fitness center in your town you might find a workout partner there. Plan on meeting at the same time everyday or every other day to get in a mutually beneficial workout.

One of the most difficult things you can do is try to manage self-motivation for exercise.

People tend to be created for mutual encouragement. It is a difficult decision to try to do it all yourself. Reach out. Find a friend. Gain encouragement. All of us need it.

Sign up for a motivational email service. Read inspiring quotes. Find those things that inspire YOU. You don’t need someone to say you should be encouraged by what they offer. Keep searching for the things through which you actually gain encouragement.

As much as we’d like to be self-reliant we are built to lean on others, just as they are designed to lean on us. This sense of interdependency is what has always sustained individuals, families, communities and nations.

Longevity among diabetics is helped by personal mobility. Surprisingly this knowledge alone is rarely enough to get people up and moving. Something that may surprise you is that when you develop a routine that involves activity that routine becomes something you look forward to. You can move from being unmotivated to an individual that is highly motivated in a short period of time. Your successes can then be the encouragement others might need to do the same thing.

Accept the help of someone else and then offer your friendship to others who need the same encouragement you received.

Author: Staff Writers

Content published on Diabetic Live is produced by our staff writers and edited/published by Christopher Berry. Christopher is a type 1 diabetic and was diagnosed in 1977 at the age of 3.