Diabetes Connecting Food Choices

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Diabetes Connecting Food Choices: When you decide to eat out you should know that a recent report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that burgers and fried chicken may be problematic for some who may be doing their best to avoid diabetes.

Over the course of ten years research was gathered to determine what factors might be present in the development of diabetes. This particular research focused on African American women and discovered a measurable link between eating out two or more times a week and obesity. Obesity often becomes the trigger for the development of type 2 diabetes.

It may be important to note that other fast foods did not seem to provide the same trigger as hamburgers and friend chicken. A third food that was also found to contribute to obesity was Chinese food.

This report suggests that over a ten-year period respondents who engaged in fast food meals (using the criteria described above) were as much as 70% more likely to develop diabetes than those who did not.

Apart from this very specific study it is interesting to note that many fast food restaurants are expressing a greater awareness and respect for caloric intake and health choices for customers. Some restaurants will provide a listing of low calorie entrees and will allow for healthier side order substitutions (i.e. sliced apples for French fries and juice or milk for soda).

Some restaurants are also featuring menu items that demonstrate a ‘less is more’ philosophy. Right-size and portion control items are being discovered in both fast food and casual dining restaurants. The primary reason this is happening is likely a response to customer concern. If a restaurant wants to retain customers they will need to respond to the needs of those consumer. This is why low calorie choices are now highlighted and value menus are being consulted as much for smaller portions as for financial reasons.

Perhaps fast food restaurants are beginning to understand that there is a need to infuse health in the subject of choice. For too long this option was not routinely available in many fast food chains.

Consumers are beginning to understand that increasing the size of the meal doesn’t always translate to long-term life satisfaction. Choices are more abundant and there has been a significant shift from burgers and fried foods to sandwiches and salads.

As the consumer becomes more aware of improved choices they are forcing other fast food locations to up the ante in a dynamic of health. If the consumer responds well to health choices that are offered those same consumers are likely to notice additional health related choices becoming available.

You don’t have to fall into the specific parameters of the study mentioned above to understand the need to make choices that not only leave you satisfied today, but can also provide the best potential for a future with improved health.

Yes, it is true that you will ultimately find the best choice in food using food at home that you select and control. However, it may become easier to find choices that pay attention to glycemic control and caloric intake at fast food restaurants.

The hope is that a trend in health at your local burger joint translates to a reduction in the development of diabetes. This may be a choice the benefits you, your children, and future generations.

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