What You Need To Know About Pre-Diabetes

What You Need To Know About Pre-DiabetesWhat You Need To Know About Pre-Diabetes: It is always an issue before developing Type 2 diabetes that people are going through the process of what is called Pre-diabetes. This could be the most important part of curing your future diabetes problems because it is an earlier detection and can cure most of the problems that might progress in the future. Through-out your life whether or not your family members before you had diabetes it is always a good thing to get a check-up by your doctor for diabetes.

Since diabetes is a growing problem more and more checkups are being made to seek out diabetes as early possible. Those who have come before us who died painful deaths through having diabetes should not have had. Truth is, we just didn’t have the technology that today’s world has and so people were developing more and more unneeded and unwanted problems.

Now though technology has a way of telling us if we are in harsh shape for developing diabetes and what can be done in out pre-diabetes stage. The only problem is there is absolutely no cure for diabetes, so if you are diagnosed with pre-diabetes then it is going to turn into Type 2 diabetes. However, at least in learning about it early you have more of a chance to fix the issues that are going to come with diabetes later and keep a more watchful eye on them.

Over 41 million Americans have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and at that rate you can not afford to be held in the dark about it. If you are diagnosed with pre-diabetes then that means your body is starting to resist insulin and glucose is trying to be produced more to suffice your body’s needs.

Your doctor may also call this medical condition “impaired fasting glucose” or “impaired glucose tolerance”. Some risk factors that can cause pre-diabetes or diabetes Type 2 are being overweight or obese, family history, sedentary lifestyle, race, age or a previous diagnosis of gestational diabetes.

Three tests might be offered to see if you are have pre-diabetes; “The fasting plasma glucose test”, “The oral glucose tolerance test”, “The A1c test and diabetes.”

If you have pre-diabetes your doctor will most likely set you on a diet and exercise plan. Sometimes just losing anywhere from 5% to 7% of your body weight can help to prevent pre-diabetes from ever escaping to the next level. Some oral medications may be given depending on how far along the pre-diabetes has progressed.

If you take really good care of your health and your body you could delay or even prevent the oncoming of Type 2 diabetes. It happens all the time, through exercise and dieting and watching everything that you eat you too could make sure that your “pre- diabetes” stays just that and nothing else develops.

Diabetes can be hard for a person to go through and some of the symptoms are just so irritating and mind-numbing that most people feel depressed and alone. Diabetes can have a huge affect on people, especially those who can no longer to what they did before because of their diabetes. If you know someone who has diabetes or are showing the signs of having diabetes the first and foremost important thing to do is start a diet plan that will help to get your body sitting on the right track until you can see a doctor. Most times just diet and exercise is a lot of what diabetes needs. However, never think that diabetes will up and just go away because it won’t. Diabetes will stay in your life and get worse until something is done to help the symptoms be less and more livable.