Velosulin BR

The Velosulin BR is insulin that can be injected or used with an insulin pump. Anyone that is insulin dependent can use this medication. This is created from human insulin that can be found inside the body. It is identical and performs the same way. A person that cannot produce insulin from their pancreas to break up table sugars as well as carbohydrates may use this medicine. When injected with a syringe, the time it takes to work is around a half an hour. The insulin lasts for about 8 hours with the maximum effect before the 3 hour mark. When this is used in an insulin pump, the time will change dramatically. Pumps are designed to add insulin to the body when it needs to control the blood sugar. Every individual is different and the time frame may vary accordingly.

This type of medicine can be used with various insulin pumps out on the market. Always follow the doctor’s advice on which pump would be best for the current situation. It is important to remember to follow all instructions regarding the insulin as well as the manner that it is injected into the system. There are several steps to completing this goal. Any questions or concerns should be addressed before this is used. An individual can make a mistake and accidentally give themselves too much insulin if the proper steps are not observed. It is vital to inject the insulin after a meal. Remember, never mix medications or insulin without the physician’s approval. Various instructions are given to patients when they inject themselves or use a device deigned for this purpose. It is vital to understand all direction and follow every step to a tee.

An individual should keep their insulin in the refrigerator when possible. Do not use the product if it has been frozen or exposed to direct light. If an individual cannot refrigerate the Velosulin BR medication, make sure it is stored in a cool place away from light as well as heat sources. The medication should only be used if the liquid appears clear and colorless.

It is important to make sure the insulin pump is working properly. An individual can develop long-lasting effects if the correct amount of insulin is not being used. A person will need to test their glucose level often to make sure their levels are in the recommended range. Other medications may interfere with the Velosulin BR medication. It is important to discuss all the medication that is being consumed. Even over-the-counter pills can damage an individual’s system. The warning signs of high as well as low blood sugar levels need to be discussed with the physician. A person as well as their families should be aware of problems that can arise and what to do in an emergency.

There are certain side effects that a person needs to be aware of. Usually, a side effect with the Velosulin BR medicine is rare. An individual needs to talk with their doctor about the possible problems and solutions in case something happens.

  1. Allergic reactions can occur. Usually an individual will not experience this type of event. However, it is important to know the symptoms. These include but are not limited to a large skin rash, difficulty in breathing and rapid heartbeat. If anything appears out-of-the-ordinary, seek a medical care provider right away.
  2. If an individual does not use different injection locations, bumps and calluses can form. Remember to change sites often.
  3. The Velosulin BR medication can cause low blood sugar when not used properly. It is important to remember to never skip a meal and eat properly. Test the glucose level. If the blood sugar is lower than recommended, eat a hard piece of candy and wait 30 minutes. Then check the levels once again. If the blood sugar is still dangerously low, contact a physician immediately. Never inject insulin when low glucose levels are apparent.