SitagliptinThe Sitagliptin tablets are designed for individuals that have type 2 diabetes. This is when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to keep their system’s glucose levels in a healthy range. The body does not manage the blood sugar levels correctly as well. This type of medication will assist in breaking up glucose that can form in the system when table sugars and carbohydrates are consumed. An individual may need to take other diabetic medicine along with the Sitagliptin tablets to completely control the natural insulin. Remember; never take any medication without the approval of the physician. This tablet is only a small part of maintaining an individual’s diabetic situation. It only assists the body to help control the sugar levels. A person must also have a steady diet and exercise regiment. If an individual is have difficulty with this process, the doctor or nutritionist can assist in this matter. A person needs to control their weight with proper diet and exercise for an overall healthy body.

An individual will need to follow the doctor’s precise instructions to maintain control over their diabetes. Any questions or concerns need to be addressed as soon as possible. It is vital to understand everything that is presented before taking the Sitagliptin tablets. The medication comes in three forms; 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. This is determined by the patient’s lifestyle as well as medical history. A doctor may prescribe more or less according to the facts and tests they have. Typically, this pill is given as 100mg a day. An individual does not have to eat to take this tablet. However, if the stomach becomes upset, food may be the correct option. It is important to make sure to take the medicine around the same time each day.

There is certain information that each patient may need to be aware of before taking this medication. The individual must make sure they inquire any information they do not understand before the regiment begins. A doctor will be glad to answer any questions and explain their instructions clearly.

  1. An individual that has another form of diabetes or kidney problems, need to explain this to their physician. The dose may be lowered or another medicine may be prescribed.
  2. Medication, even over-the-counter vitamins may be damaging while taking the Sitagliptin tablets. Communicate all extra medicines with the doctor for the best method to handle the situation.
  3. Lifestyle changes that can raise glucose levels should be discussed. If an individual is experiencing stress, anxiety, illness or drink alcohol, explain this to the physician. They may suggest an alternative medicine or raise the dose that is currently being prescribed.
  4. An individual must explain to their medical care provider if they have any history of allergic reactions to medicine. A patient’s case history should be presented before the Sitagliptin tablets are taken.

There are a few side effects associated with the Sitagliptin medication. An individual needs to inquire about these problems right away. Some symptoms are relieved after a few weeks of the treatment. However, if any new problems arise or worsen, it is vital to contact a physician immediately. An individual needs to watch themselves closely and take notes on any unusual occurrences that may take place.

  1. The most common side effects are chest infections, headaches or cold-like symptoms. These should fade away within a couple of weeks. If they do not, persist or worsen, it is vital to call the physician immediately.
  2. This medication does not increase low blood sugar when taken by itself. Unless this medication is used with others, no worries about low glucose levels should arise.
  3. There are some serious side effects that an individual needs to be aware of. These symptoms include but are not limited to stomach pain or discomfort, nausea and diarrhea. Most of these symptoms may go away on their own as well. Nevertheless, if the pain worsens or lingers for a long time, contact a health care provider right away.