Diabetes And Your Sex Life

Diabetes And Your Sex Life: It’s no surprise that Diabetes happens to affect every aspect of your life from what you eat to your sex life. Both men and woman sometimes have the same issues with sexual things but just in different ways and they deal with them in different ways also.

When talking about men we refer to the erectile dysfunction that usually occurs while having diabetes. A man’s body reacts to sexual simulation through his nerves and because diabetes affect the nervous system through high glucose levels it is only natural that a man’s sexual capabilities because null. His want is most definitely there however his ability has been taken. With this can come great depression and even some trouble in a relationship if one is married or dating. Erectile dysfunction however can be a potentionally life-threatening, not of its condition but because it can render other problems in the body that could be the cause of death.

Commonly, erectile dysfunction is diagnosed when someone has developed diabetes. On the other hand, erectile dysfunction can mean heart disease which is more likely to occur in men. Men have erections because of the blood flow to the penis; the vessels become engorged with blood which allows the penis to become erect. When there is no blood flow or it is slim then there is no erection. Some other illnesses and diseases that are known to upset a man’s blood flow is Hypertension (high blood pressure) and Atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

Do not fret though there are several different drugs that can allow a stimulate to help those in need of it. Some men find themselves very embarrassed about having to use these drugs and it is understandable. However, there is no need to be; it is not there fault that this is happening to them and they should not have to be bothered by mockery because of it.

Since it’s most commonly known, I’ll talk about Viagra. Viagra is a small blue pill that helps men put there sex lives back on track. Many elder men use it and have pretty good sex lives; I think younger men are sometimes weary of using Viagra because of that reason. It is sometimes thought that they have become old and creped because they have to use something that is most commonly used for the elder folks. Viagra also known as Sildenafil, delays enzymes called phosphodiesterases from acting to quickly. When controlling those enzymes, men are allowed to obtain an erection and keep it.

Women on the other hand, do not have any of the problems men have obviously but they do have their own issues. When a woman had diabetes her glucose levels are high which can cause dryness and some pain when sexual intercourse is taking place. This can make sexual encounters so disturbing that women can’t even fathom it let alone want anything to do with it. Of course, through-out time this can cause a problem within the woman’s mental state and within her sex life. Depression can pop up and women become self-conscious even though they are the ones who have almost forbid the sexual experiences they still feel as though they are fat, ugly or even undesirable. Feeling this way all the time can lead to some serious problems between a man and woman.

So what can men do to help? My advice is to let your wife, girlfriend, fiancé or partner know you still very much want her. Show her as much as you can, but show her love also; if she thinks you are all about the sexual side of the relationship that may make her feel worse in the end. It is not secret that women are far more emotional then men and they have no fear in showing men that. Women need the same emotional and verbal help they give onto men which can be very hard for men because they are in fact men and not women so thinking like a woman can almost be impossible. All you need to do is think back to the last time she made you feel the very best you’ve felt and return the favor.

Women on the other hand can try using some lotions, gel or some form of lubricant that will help free up some of the dryness and make it more pleasurable.