Depression And Diabetes

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Depression And DiabetesDepression And Diabetes: Depression can be a horrible condition that leads to many other problems therefore making you feel and sick and feel immobile to the world around you. It can come into you’re your world and shake things up so much that you do not know who you are or perhaps what you are living for. Depression can cause you to neglect things in your life that you would ordinary love to do such as play with your children or go out to different places. Things like sports or your job would take a down slope in your life and the only thing left is just you and the depression. Depression is a hard condition that leads people to do and think things that would regularly repulse them such as suicide. It needs to be diagnosed and taken care of before it is too late.

Something that can be much worse then depression alone however it having depression and also having diabetes. Depression is twice as likely though in those who have diabetes and major depression exists in over 15% of the diabetic patients. When you have high glucose levels your health becomes hazardous and thus bringing a lack for motivating yourself to do anything which can very much lead to a depressed life. Therefore those who have been diagnosed should be screened on a regular basis to make sure they have not become depressed. Depression is a disease just like Diabetes and it can take over your life if you don’t get something done about it. It can make you feel horrible, hurt yourself, hurt your family and depress your children. Your children could get the back draft of depression and end up being depressed or wanting nothing to with you because of your sad life. They may never see you smile and children need to see their mother or father smile, it gives them a sense of security in their little lives.

Studies have shown that those who have a history of diabetes are much more likely to obtain depression during diabetes then those who have never shown any signs of having depression before being diagnosed with diabetes. In the last twenty years there has been enormous studies done on the brain to try and help discover depression and why it happens the way it does and what can be done about it. However to much disappointment depression has won out and they have not discovered a way to diagnose it or even treat it. What they have seen however is that depression leads to poorer physical and mental health not to mention its effect on the emotional status in your life. Many people can’t even get out of bed because they have no reason to, smiling faces of their children can even give them a reason to move or a reason to believe they should live.

There are ways to try and help depression however; I don’t recommend the prescription drugs given as a helper. They can produce more harmful effects that strengthen depression but that would be your decision on whether or not you want to take prescription drugs. I would however before taking them read up on them and some effects they have had on other people. That way you have no reason to fear them or every reason in the world to fear them. I would suggest though using Psychotherapy. I know what you are thinking, “I’m not a Psycho, and I’m just depressed.” And you are right you are not crazy, but you should talk to someone who is qualified in the life of the depressed. They can help you to sort out reasons for your depression and what those reasons are doing to you and your family. A psychotherapist is never there to judge you; they are there to listen and offer advice that could help you to feel like a new person and help get your life back to a happy status.

When taking anti-depressants it can take up to several weeks to feel any change and sorry to say sometimes that change can be good at first but then bad for you later. You must always discuss the topic of medication with your doctor whether you are taking drug prescriptions or herbal medications. Recently an herbal drug that has been known to help people fight off depression has shown some side effects that are bring doctors concern. When mixed with other medications that patients are taking it can have some harmful effects. So it is important to consult your doctor and ask any questions no matter how awkward you may feel.

There is a program that has been helpful to those who have found themselves depressed on a daily basis for two weeks or longer. You must however have some of following symptoms to meet the criteria for this program.

Changes in sleep pattern, loss of appetite or eating more, loss of weight or you have gained weight, feeling of self-worthlessness, loss of energy, and loss of enjoyment in activities that you would normally love to do.

These are all signs and symptoms of depression that is not going to get better by itself and should be seen as nothing short of serious. If you show these signs for more then a week’s consultation of a doctor is very important. Depression leads to other mental diseases which take the shape of someone who is not you and you may find yourself doing outrageous things you would have never done before being depressed.

Sometimes depression just happens in your life and there is not explanation, sometimes someone had caused you harm and you don’t know who to deal with the pain. Teenagers show more depression then any other age group because they are simply growing up and it can be hard for them to deal with, or they have a bad home life. And of course sometimes you have a disease causing the depression. Whatever is causing your depression there is someway to get relief.

Spa treatments can be a wonderful way to help those who have a black cloud hanging over there everyday life. Place some happy music around you, open up the blinds and dance even if you don’t feel like the hardest thing to do when you are depressed and take the first step to fixing it. Once you’ve made that first step though you will find yourself on a faster and safer road to recovery. Sometimes all depression really needs is a kick good-bye and you can do that by living your daily routine even if you feel like you can’t. Depression is like a big bully that loves to throw you down when you are fighting to stand. If you stay lying you may never know what it is that you could fight for. A happier you means a happier family, never let depression control you or your family just as you would never let a person do that.

If you want to try some herbal treatments after consulting your doctor try Gingko. It is an herb for depression which comes from two tiny areas of the world Zhejiang province and Eastern China. In this area nearly 1,000 years ago it was said that Chinese monks may have tended and restored these Gingko trees. It is used to help memory and concentration while also helping to stop the awful signs of vertigo.

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