Diabetes And It’s Complications

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Diabetes And It’s Complications: Diabetes is a serious condition that must be managed, and most although most people are aware of the dangers of not staying on top of their diabetes, there are several other complications that can be caused by diabetes.  Below, we will discuss some of the more common complications that are associated with diabetes.  However, it is important to note that this may not be a complete list of all of the complications that can be associated with diabetes.  Diabetes can cause both physical and mental complications, and it is important that individuals stay on top of any new symptoms that arise once they have been diagnosed with diabetes.

A common disease that affects the blood vessels within the eyes is diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma.  This disease can lead to either visual impairment or blindness.  Unfortunately, over 12,000 new cases of blindness are caused by diabetic retinopathy each year.  Although, it is more common among males, it is the leading cause of blindness among adults who are between 20-74 years of age.

Kidney disease is developed in 10 to 21 percent of individually with diabetes, typically those with uncontrolled blood sugar levels.    And, diabetes is the leading cause of ESRD, or end stage renal disease, which requires a patient to need dialysis or a kidney transplant in order to survive.  Although much less severe, diabetes also causes urinary tract infection.

Diabetic neuropathy is another very serious condition that is a result of diabetic complications, and is the result of long term damage to nerve fibers.  In diabetic patients, the most common symptom is reduced sensation in the feet.  And, if the nerve damage continues, the reduced sensation will spread to the legs.  The damage itself can be either acute or chronic.  The acute condition will go away once the diabetes is under control; chronic is more serious and long term in nature.  The most severe form of this condition is one of the major contributing factors to lower extremity amputation.  As it stands, over half of the amputations in the US occur among individuals with diabetes.

Cardiovascular or heart disease is another very serious problem that can be caused by mismanaged diabetes.  This disease is caused by an excess build-up of plaque on the inner wall of the large blood vessel, and restricts the flow of blood.  Unfortunately heart disease is one of the most common caused of diabetes-related deaths.

Another common, yet less severe condition associated with diabetes is gum disease.  Typically occurring in people with diabetes who are at least 19 years, and who have type I diabetes.  Diabetes can also affect your body’s immunity, by causing a decrease in your body’s immune cells.  This will inevitably lower your body’s chance to ward of infections, viruses, and bacteria.

Although it is not a physical condition, diabetes can also lead to depression.  Though it may not seem severe depression can be very serious and may even lead to sufferers seeking to commit suicide, withdrawing from friends and family, or losing interests in otherwise favorite hobbies.  For many people, being diagnosed with diabetes is a life altering event.  Often prompting a new lifestyle, that individuals may have a hard time getting used to or coping with, causing them to show signs of depression.

If left uncontrolled, diabetes can lead to a multitude of complications, many of which can be extremely severe.  So, it is more than important to stay on top of your blood sugar, by checking it frequently.  Allowing your diabetes to lead to another serious condition will increase the one thing that no diabetic patient needs…. more medicine.

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