Alcohol And Diabetes

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Alcohol And DiabetesAlcohol And Diabetes: You’ve just been diagnosed with Diabetes; some might feel frightened because of the obvious. Others might feel a tad insecure because they think perhaps the fun part of their life is over and now they much watch everything they put into their systems like a hawk. Nothing can be harder then living your life free as bird one second and then feeling as though you are not able to perform the same tasks you have for several years. You think perhaps that you will always have a choice to say what is put into your body and the you wake up to realize that the very next thing you put in you could end up killing you.

Having diabetes does not have to be a death sentence however and many people live their lives and enjoy many joyous occasions while still doing some of the things they did before developing it. Granted everyone is a little different and some people live for different qualities of life. This article presents you with a fact, one many think is not possible. Many question if you can still drink alcohol while having diabetes and the answer to that question is YES!

You can still have alcohol however it is now just a tad bit different for you because everything must be measured to make sure you are not drowning yourself in it. Seems like most things come with guidelines so this is not much different.

However, if you do decide to drink then there are some things that you should be warned about. It is only fair to know what drinking could lead to, I am not talking about just a glass of wine in the afternoon I am referring to those who come home to drink a pack of beer in less then 2 hours. Those people are at risk for developing some of the following conditions.
Alcohol progresses hypoglycemia and makes having lower glucose levels apparent. Not only when you have diabetes but at any point you should be sure not to drink on an empty stomach, it can be very harmful to you and your body. Some people make the mistake of drinking for their meals rather then having a good balanced meal. Most people who are diabetes worry about their blood levels getting to high and when you drink alcohol it is reversed you have to worry about it getting too low.

When you are out at a club drinking like most people do you need to know that those who are around you may not know the symptoms of hypoglycemia so it is imperative that you wear some form of badge or sticker that lets those around you know they you are a diabetic. Sometimes when you are drunk the same symptoms occur that would occur during hypoglycemia.

Sometimes you just can’t drink at all if you have developed Neuropathy that is. Alcohol has been known to increase the symptoms of Neuropathy so many people choose not to drink because of the pain that is felt while going through normal amounts of Neuropathy rather then increasing the symptoms. If you are going to drink however, you will want to make sure that you drink low amounts of it, rather then huge amounts not only because it can be more dangerous in big amounts but it can also be even more dangerous if you are the one who is driving.

When having a barbeque some people have mixed drinks if this sounds like you it would be better to make sure that you get something that is sugar-free because that will help lessen any affects of the alcohol that you might be drinking. The best thing for a diabetic to have is low alcoholic drinks; this could mean the difference in between feeling very sick and feeling somewhat normal.

You much find out for yourself sometimes what is best for you and what you will never do again. We find that out in life so why not in what we eat or drink. Things that are affected when having diabetes and drinking alcohol is increased eye concerns if you have Glaucoma or Cataracts, if you have nerve damage to your feet or hands the symptom can be worse while drinking alcohol. When having High blood sugar you may find yourself at more of a risk while drinking alcohol also.

Alcohol can also be very damaging to the nerve cells when given in high dosages, sometimes even light drinking has been proven to cause some cells to go obsolete. So it is very important to talk to you doctor to find out his/her advice on what it is you should drink if anything at all.

There are some things that can cause you to not be able to drink alcohol at all; however some people will choose to drink it anyways causing more pain and more problems. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes and high blood sugar it is a very good idea not to drink alcohol at all since it can cause more problems then worth the “feel good” effects of the alcohol itself.

Alcohol can provide more triglycerides into the blood stream so those who are diabetics who already have high triglycerides need to make sure they don’t have any alcohol because it could be dangerous to the body and to their health.

If you are taking any medications for your diabetes and are drinking alcohol then you are already running a risk of health problems. The problem is, is when you drink alcohol the liver starts to produce glucose from stored carbohydrates to make up for the loss of glucose from with in the body. But when you drink alcohol it blocks that from happening and the liver is unable to produce glucose for your body thus producing problems. The liver will try to clean your body out while fighting off toxins that are associated with alcohol to rid it from the body. The liver then will stop producing any glucose whatsoever until all the alcohol is evacuated from the body.

There is less concern for those who have Type 2 diabetes but it still must be a concern however. But since their diabetes are controlled through diet and exercise they are at less risk for fatal reactions. Type 2 diabetes is a growing epidemic in the United States and has taken on new forms that are getting harder to diagnose. You will find that through-out studies there are sometimes repeats of the same symptoms while others have symptoms not yet heard of it.

It is always your choice if you want to drink alcohol but it is ideal to get all the facts straight before heading out on a wild night adventure while having diabetes. It can be dangerous and healthy. You should never have to stop living your life because you developed a disease. If possible you should try to live it more, but you family and friends would certainly attest to the fact that if you are going to do things you must make sure they are safe things. Alcohol is not a necessity in life and should never be treated that way. Some people would tell you that meditating will give you the same freedom that alcohol does so if nothing else try that.

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