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mixtardMixtard is designed for individual’s that would like a choice in their medication. This comes in pen, cartridge as well as vial formats. The insulin is a mixture of soluble and isophane insulin. Soluble insulin is a brief acting insulin created for quick results. This part of the Mixtard insulin begins working in less than an hour. The total period of time this solution lasts is around 8 hours. Isophane insulin portion is slower to react, however it lasts twice as long as the soluble portion. These two works together to form a quick action boost for a longer period of time than other styles of insulin. Usually, an individual will inject themselves around 30 minutes before they eat. This is to control the boost of glucose than an individual receives after a meal.

This form of insulin has been studied extensively. Patients with type 1 as well as type 2 diabetes have been under close supervision. After about 12 weeks, the findings were incredible. The Mixtard insulin decreased the amount of glucose in the system dramatically. Which proves that this mix of soluble and isophane insulin is a better alternative than regular insulin alone. The Committee for Medicinal products has agreed that the benefits of Mixtard insulin outweigh any negative risks that they medication may cause.

Information about the Mixtard insulin or general medication is important to understand before using this product. Any questions or concerns must be addressed to the medical care provider before a person begins. There are strict guidelines that an individual must follow for a healthy lifestyle when they have been diagnosed with diabetes.

  1. Diet and exercise is an important lifestyle change that will assist in caring for the disease. Everyone must follow a plan designed for their health and lifestyle. The insulin dose that is prescribed is created around this plan of action. If any changes are made to this part of the lifestyle, it is vital to discuss them with the physician.
  2. Other medications and alcohol can interact with the Mixtard insulin that is being prescribed. If over-the-counter medications are being consumed, even vitamins and minerals; discuss this with the doctor immediately. They can have a dire effect on the insulin dose. Alcohol is best left in the bottle. However, a drink now and then will be okay as long as a person drinks in moderation as well as with a meal. Liquor can drop an individual’s blood sugar level considerably.
  3. Always inject Mixtard insulin directly under the skin. Insulin should never be injected into a vein.
  4. It is vital to remember that all types of insulin is designed to lower blood sugar levels. If an individual is experiencing warning signs of low blood sugar, check this with a tester. Do not inject insulin if the range is lower than recommended. Instead, eat a piece of hard candy and test the sugar levels again after 30 minutes. If the glucose is still low, contact a health care provider right away.
  5. Pregnancy and nursing is a problem that faces many women. There are no known issues with insulin and a pregnant mother. An individual in this condition needs to keep their blood sugar levels as stable as possible. This is important for the person as well as their baby. While nursing is different entirely. The insulin may be present in the mother’s milk. It is vital to ask the person’s doctor all the options that are available to keep mother as well as baby happy and healthy.

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