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insulatardInsulatard insulin is designed with a long-acting agent. Usually an individual will take this medication with a fast-acting agent. Before mixing medication, ask a medical professional on the correct directions and follow them closely. The Insulatard insulin is designed in pen, cartridge as well as vial forms. This method will allow an individual to choose the most convenient style for their needs.

A medicine of this nature is perfect for individuals that have type 1 diabetes as well as those people that require insulin intake with the type 2 diabetes. This medication will begin working around 1 and 1/2 hours after the initial injection, which will keep working in the system for up to 24 hours. An individual will need to mix this insulin with a faster-acting agent around meal time to control the jump in glucose levels.

There is certain information that a person will need to understand before beginning this treatment. A doctor will explain everything that an individual will need to know in detail. If any questions of concerns about the current insulin that a person is taking, contact the physician immediately. It is always a good idea to follow all directions and instruction on lifestyle changes and medication doses. The following is information that a person needs to be aware of:

  1. Other medications can destroy a person’s insulin intake. When an individual is taking over-the-counter pills, vitamins or herbs, they need to communication this with their medical care provider. The dose of the Insulatard insulin may need to be higher or lower than originally prescribed.
  2. Insulin is designed to lower blood sugar levels. If an individual is having warning signs of low glucose, do not take this or any other insulin. Instead, eat a piece of hard candy and check the levels with a tester. If after 30 minutes the levels are still rather low, medical assistance may be required.
  3. Allergic reactions are rare, however they may happen. At the injection site, carefully inspect the area. If redness, swelling or discomfort is present try a new place to inject the insulin. When the symptoms persist for more than a few days or the redness moves around the area, contact the physician right away. An infection may be starting. When the body’s system has an allergic reaction, this is more severe. Difficulty breathing, dizziness spells or a rapid heart rate are present, seek medical assistance immediately.
  4. Diet and exercise regiments can play a large part in the dose of the Insulatard medication. If a person begins a steady routine, this needs to be discussed with their doctor. A certain lifestyle of careful eating and working out is important to maintain a healthy body. However, the insulin dose needs to be designed around this activity.
  5. Never under any circumstances inject a form on insulin into the vein. It is always injected under the skin, usually in the fleshiest part of the body.
  6. If a person uses the same part of their body each time to inject themselves, thickness of the skin as well as calluses may form. It is suggested to use different parts throughout the day or even week.
  7. When a person is sick with stomach issues or a fever, the dose of insulin may need to be reduced or enhanced. If an individual is feeling ill, they need to talk with their doctor right away to get the information they need to proceed with the medication. There are certain aspects of being ill that may change the insulin dose, these can be sleeping too much, not completing the exercise regiment as well as not eating as much.

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