OneTouch SureStep Glucose Meter

OneTouch SureStep Glucose MeterThe OneTouch SureStep glucose meter by LifeScan is advertised as being the perfect glucose monitoring system for those who want an easy to read and easy to use blood glucose monitor. This particular glucose meter walks individuals through the steps to producing exact blood glucose level results and does not overwhelm users with too much information and too many function buttons.

Product Characteristics
The OneTouch SureStep glucose meter has various product characteristics which all tend to add up to an easy to use glucose monitoring system. This particular model has a single button testing feature, big display screen, large testing application area, easy blood sample application, easy to read results and 150-test memory with date and time features. In addition, one who uses the OneTouch SureStep will receive results in approximately 15 seconds and the data stored in the glucose meter memory can be viewed in terms of 14 and 30-day test averages. Another wonderful aspect of this glucose meter is that results can be downloaded to your PC for easy storing.

Pros of the OneTouch SureStep Glucose Meter
One of the main pros concerning the OneTouch SureStep glucose meter is the application method. With the extra large application area and confirmation dot on the meter, it makes it much more likely that the user will register accurate results on the first try thereby eliminating the need for more testing which can make the site area sore after a while.

Another positive aspect surrounding this model of glucose meter is the large display screen. This makes the results easy to see which is a wonderful aspect for many users. The figures which appear on the screen are large, clear and easy to read.

The OneTouch SureStep glucose meter also has download capabilities which make transferring information to one’s PC an easy feat. Rather than having to write down the past blood glucose levels in a record keeping book, one can simply connect a few cords and transfer the data quickly and efficiently onto the computer.

Cons of the OneTouch SureStep Glucose Meter
Some users may find a few less than favorable aspects about the OneTouch SureStep glucose meter. This model meter has a 150-test memory capacity which is good for some yet may not be as inclusive for others. Since many glucose meters have 300+ test result memory capacities, the 150-test result capacity might be too small a number for some users who like to have more results stored on their meter for a longer period of time.

In addition, the OneTouch SureStep glucose meter might be too simplistic for some users. Many of the newer blood glucose monitoring systems have a lot more function capabilities and can do more than simply register blood glucose level results. For those who want their glucose meter to do more than read blood glucose levels, choosing a different model might be a better plan.

The Bottom Line
When determining whether this type of glucose meter is right for you, think about what you require in a blood glucose meter. If you are looking for an easy to read glucose meter with relatively quick testing results and average memory capacity, then the OneTouch SureStep glucose meter might work fine for you. This type of test may run around $100 retail, however it may be available for less through some glucose meter retailers. For those who may crave a bit more with regard to their blood glucose monitoring system, there are other glucose meters for sale which have a bit more functions and capabilities than this particular meter. If you are not worried about testing correctly as you have mastered the blood sample application method, then the OneTouch SureStep glucose meter might not be a necessary requirement for you as it is often chosen by those who have had a hard time registering proper blood sample results with other meters in the past.