New Innovations In Blood Glucose Monitoring

New Innovations In Blood Glucose MonitoringNew Innovations In Blood Glucose Monitoring – Being able to monitor blood sugar levels is critical for any individual with diabetes; or any one caring for someone with diabetes.  Although blood sugar levels can be easily monitored from home, the method of pricking fingers can get pretty irritating.  Especially when you take into to consideration the frequency that is needed in order to effectively monitor blood sugar levels. There is also the inability for some individuals with diabetes, typically children, to know whether or not their blood sugar level is serious enough to warrant immediate attention.  However, as technology improves so does the devices and methods for monitoring blood sugar levels.   The following products are mostly still in the research and development stages, but may be available in a few years.

One concept in the works is the ability to use contact lenses in order to monitor blood sugar levels.  Using, thin plastic sensors that would be placed inside contact lenses, an individual would be able to monitor blood sugar without pricking their fingers.  The sensors within the contact lenses would change colors in order to reflect the changes in the body’s blood sugar levels.  The lenses would even be able to be worn by individuals who do not need contact lenses.

Another new development is the smart tattoo.  Like the eye sensors, these tattoos would change color when an individual’s blood sugar became too low.  The smart tattoo would use tiny polymer beads, instead of ink.  Unlike the contact lenses, the smart tattoo may be more than 2-4 years away, since it has not been tested on humans yet.

Under the skin sensors are also in the works, and may be available within the next 5 years.  These sensors would be placed under the skin; so, an individual with diabetes would be able to simply wave their arms in front of a blood glucose reader.  This technology is similar to the sensors placed in plastic tags of merchandise within the retail industry.

For children, there is a video in the works.  One of the first of these games will be Gluco Boy ® which is a glucose meter.  In order to reward children for maintaining good blood sugar levels, Gluco Boy will unlock special games.  Although there may be others in the future that will work with the various gaming system.  Gluco Boy must be used with a Nintendo Game Boy ® system.

There is one new technology that is available now, and that is the wireless blood glucose monitoring device.  Although it has yet to garner mainstream attention, this device is really making a splash within the medical community.  This device uses cell phone networks to send blood glucose data straight to an individual’s doctor.  The information would go straight to their PDA, and the doctor would instantly know whether or not a patient’s situation requires immediate attention.  This new technology has been implemented in a few hospitals, and is typically designed for individuals with Type I diabetes.

And, the FDA has approved a Gluco Watch.  This watch would use painless sensors on the skin to measure blood sugar levels every 20 minutes.  The watch can perform this with pricking the skin or drawing any blood.  Although the Gluco watch has only been approved for adult use, there is great confidence that the technology will only improve, and a children’s version will be developed soon.

Monitoring blood glucose levels is critical for any individual with diabetes.  But unfortunately the methods can be a bit of a hassle, especially for those who are constantly on the go.  Luckily, there is new technology on the horizon that will help people with diabetes live happy, healthier lives.