Eating Out When You Have Diabetes

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Eating Out When You Have Diabetes: Who doesn’t like eating out? In today’s world sometimes eating out has become a necessity since most people just don’t have time to cook anymore. What happens though when you have diabetes and are afraid of eating out? This happens to some people and they are afraid of going out to eat because they don’t know exactly what to order that will not spike up their glucose level.

It doesn’t have to be like that and it really shouldn’t. Diabetics should be able to go out and enjoy a nice restaurant without worrying about what they should or shouldn’t eat. First of all, check your blood sugar level before eating and insure you’re giving yourself enough insulin for your carb intake.

Order a small proportioned meal. Many diabetics find themselves ordering from the side order menus because that is what they prefer since they come in smaller amounts. Other diabetics choose to order from the child’s menu because they are sure to find less there. No matter what you order though you should always make sure you are eating in small portioned amounts even if that means taking some home with you in a doggy bag.

Sometimes you go to a restaurant that has sandwiches and burgers which normally comes with fries. If this happens, just order some fruit or salad instead since fries are least healthy for those who have diabetes. If you have gone into a Mexican restaurant it might be better to ask for some salsa on your burrito or taco instead of something like sour cream or even cheese. Stick with ketchup, fat-free mayo, barbeque sauce or mustard rather then house dressings of any kind. Since most dressings can be full of sugars.

It would be most helpful to diabetics if they made a place for them on their menus and I believe restaurants would get far more recognition for it. They should research diabetes and find out what foods are best and offer them. Some people don’t want a lot of people to know about their diabetes; therefore placing the diabetic menu on the regular menu would prove quite useful and just might bring more service to a restaurant.

Some diabetics will ask to speak to the chef just to make sure they are on the same level as them and ask about skinning chicken and using less butter, low cholesterol eggs and whole-grain breads. Food is not all that should be of worry though, also watch what you drink. Calories equal problems with diabetes, so no ice cream drinks or milk shakes. Stick with water, un-sweetened tea, mineral water or just plain water instead. Sodas and some juices have far too much sugar to even drink therefore these can end up spiking your glucose levels.

Be sure that if you do go out to eat, that you are eating at the time you are supposed to. Order a salad if you have to so that you can keep your blood sugar level exactly where it is supposed to be.

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