Playing Sports With Diabetes

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Playing Sports With DiabetesPlaying Sports With Diabetes: Different types of sports is a great opportunity for all individuals to have. For those with diabetes, playing sports may require a little more preparation than for those who do not have diabetes. It is important to consider the various factors involved to ensure that the sports are played in a safe fashion with one’s blood sugar level in mind.

Be Sure To Maintain Insulin Levels
Although insulin level maintenance is an important concept for diabetics at all times, it is extremely important when the diabetic individual is engaging in sports. Since muscles require additional energy while exercising, the body will release more glucose to gain this energy. If there is not enough insulin in the body to work alongside the glucose, this could result in health problems for the diabetic. Therefore, if you have diabetes and are playing sports, be sure to check your insulin levels on a frequent basis and alter your doses accordingly.

KeepĀ A Snack With You At All Times
Diabetics not only have to worry about high blood sugar levels but low blood sugar as well. In order to keep your blood glucose levels at a favorable rate and not drop too low, eating small snacks from time to time is advisable. Consult with your doctor to see which are the best things to eat and only consume those which are in accordance with your diabetic diet. Just remember to have a snack on hand at all times in case food is needed during the game or practice.

Keep Necessary Medical Information And Supplies With You
Diabetics who play sports should have certain medical information and supplies on them on a continual basis. Items such as medical forms stating you are diabetic, insulin and other medications and testing kit are all things which must be taken with you to practice and games. These items will allow you to check your sugar level, control the level and let others know that you are diabetic should you be unable to tell them yourself. These items are necessary for your well-being and will help you to feel more at ease while playing sports.

Let Necessary Individuals Know Your Medical Condition
Frequently with sports one will have to submit to a physical examination and fill out medical forms dictating their physical health. On these forms it will become known that you have diabetes. With that said, it is also wise to let pertinent individuals such as coaches know that you have diabetes as they will be able to help you should you experience health problems during practices or games. This does not mean that you have to tell everyone on the team, just make sure that those in charge know your medical condition.

Follow Your Diabetes Management Plan At All Times
Those with diabetes will almost always have a diabetes management plan which they must follow in order to keep their diabetes in check. Within this plan, diabetics list their required meal items, insulin dosage and other ways to maintain their blood sugar level. When playing sports, it is even more important to follow this diabetes management plan and add any necessary items which should be followed due to playing sports. Since playing sports takes a lot more energy and exertion, it is extremely important to compensate with regard to eating enough, drinking enough fluids and stop playing when necessary to do so.

Do Not Overexert Yourself
Although diabetics are just as capable of playing sports as their non-diabetic teammates, these individuals may require a break more often. Never feel as if you have to continue the game or practice when you know that your blood sugar level is off. It is crucial to stop and take a break when your body tells you to do so.

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