The Tolazamide tablets are designed for patients with type 2 diabetes. An individual cannot take this medication if they have type 1 or are insulin dependant. This medication can be used with or without other diabetic medications to treat the type 2 version. It is important to remember that medication should not be taken unless directed to the physician. The Tolazamide tablets were created to stimulate the pancreas in producing more insulin into the body. A person that has been diagnosed with diabetes cannot produce enough natural insulin to break down the table sugars or the carbohydrates after a meal. It also assists in controlling the insulin effectively. This kind of medication cannot be used alone in the fact that a proper diet and exercise program needs to be in place as well. This will ensure that the medicine is creating enough insulin to keep the body healthy at all times.

An individual will need to follow all directions and doses prescribed by the doctor. Failure to do so may result in mismanaged glucose levels. This can have long-term damaging effects on the body. Typically, the Tolazamide medication is taken once a day. It is important to take this tablet at the beginning of the first meal each day. An individual may be required to take this medication twice a day. This depends on the person’s health history and lifestyle. Do not stop taking the medication or change doses without the doctor’s approval.

If a person has any questions or concerns about the Tolazamide tablets, they should be addressed before beginning the treatment. The doctor will explain all the information and instructions entirely. Anything that is not understood should be made clearer. There is certain information that a person needs to be aware of before they begin this medication.

1. It is vital to explain to the physician if any allergic reactions to certain medications have occurred in the past. They need to be aware of this fact so that they can act accordingly.

2. Particular health problems should be discussed with the doctor. These issues could interact with the medication that is prescribed. A complete medical history should be presented to the doctor right away.

3. Pregnant or nursing woman should talk to their doctor right away. This medication may cause adverse effects in pregnant women. The Tolazamide tablets have not been tested in nursing mothers. Therefore, is it not recommended while breast-feeding. Ask the physician if any alternative medications can be used during these times.

4. Older individuals may experience lower blood sugar than normal when taking these tablets. It is important to check the glucose levels often. Also, talk with the medical care provider and ask if any alternative medication would be more suitable.

All medications have some side effects associated with it. Some individuals are more prone to adverse effects than other. These need to be discussed with the doctor to understand the complications that may be present. All questions or concerns should be addressed before using the Tolazamide tablets. An individual needs to talk with their physician in case a problem does arise as well as the best solution to handle it.

1. The most common side effects are heartburn, stomach problems, feeling sick or gaining weight. These issues more than likely will disappear within a week or two without any worries. However, if they linger, become worse or more bothersome, contact the health care provider immediately.

2. There are serious side effects that every individual should be concerned about. The symptoms include but are not limited to flu-like symptoms, jaundice-like symptoms, a large rash that may appear to be a sunburn and unexplained bruising. If any of these are present or other problem arise with no explanation, contact the doctor right away.

3. An individual may experience high or low blood sugar when they take the Tolazamide tablets. It is important to discuss the symptoms of both problems with a physician. Remember to check the glucose levels often and act accordingly.