riometThe Riomet medication is prescribed to patients with type 2 diabetes. There are instances where this medication can be taken with insulin. Nevertheless, patients with the type 1 diabetes should not take this medication. The Riomet is an oral liquid medication. Children, as young as 10 years old, can safely consume the medicine with a doctor’s approval. That is if they are not insulin dependant. Adults may take the Riomet treatment with insulin injections. A person needs to be on a steady regiment of diet and exercise when they take this medication. It assists the body in controlling as well as maintaining the glucose levels in the system. However, it cannot work alone. Always follow the diet and exercise program that have been designed for each individual.

There is not a typical dose requirement. A doctor will examine an individual’s case history and their personal needs to develop the correct dose. Nevertheless, an adult should not take more than 25ml a day of the Riomet treatment. An individual will need to discuss with their physician what the procedure for their case is. However, this medication is typically taken at meals during the day. It is recommended that the medicine is consumed in lower doses to start. This will allow the system to become familiar with the medication so fewer side effects will occur. It is important to record blood sugar levels throughout the day and report this to the doctor. This method will let the physician understand if the doses need to be raised.

There is certain information that the patient needs to be aware of before taking the Riomet medication. An individual will need to discuss medical history and other aspects of their lifestyle with the physician before using this drug. Any questions or concerns should be addressed before taking the prescribed mediation.

  1. An individual will need to talk with their doctor if they have had any problems with their heart, liver or kidneys. A person may experience adverse effects if they do not explain this to their doctor before taking the medication.
  2. Lactic acidosis is a rare but very serious complication of the Riomet medication. If an individual is experiencing stomach discomfort, muscle throbbing, unusual fatigue or fainting, contact a medical professional immediately.
  3. The Riomet treatment may need to halt for a small period of time if certain tests are preformed. These types of examines are x-rays or other machine equipment that the patient has to be injected. Discuss this with the physician on the best course of action to take.
  4. Other medication may affect the Riomet treatment. It is important to tell the physician if any extra medication is being taken, even over-the-counter drugs can be harmful.

Side effects are fairly uncommon but can happen. If anything out-of-the-ordinary is occurring, seek medical advice right away. Some of the symptoms may be nothing to worry about or they will go away in a few weeks. Others are extremely dangerous and needs medical attention right away. If a person is unsure of their symptoms, seek medical advice immediately.

  1. The more common side effects may leave after the body is use to the medication. However, if they become more bothersome, worsen or persist, contact a doctor right away. The symptoms include body aches or discomfort, slight stomach issues and flu or cold like symptoms.
  2. Low blood sugar can be a side effect if the proper dose or diet is not observed. It is vital to test the glucose levels often. If they are to low, eat a hard piece of candy or other strong sugar substance. Wait 30 minutes and test again. If they are still really low, contact a health care provider right away.
  3. The symptoms of the serious side effects could be swelling, gaining weight, massive flu like symptoms or difficulty in breathing. If any of these are happening, contact a doctor immediately.