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glynaseGlynase is a pill that is designed for an individual that suffers from type 2 diabetes. Usually patients with this type of disease do not require insulin injections. Instead they can take Glynase tablets, once or twice daily to assist the pancreas in providing enough insulin to keep a person’s blood sugar at safe and healthy levels. Some people with type 2 diabetes require insulin injections with the help of pills as well. This kind of medication can be prescribed in 1.5mg, 3mg as well as 6mg tablets. An individual’s doctor will prescribe the medication according to the patient’s history and lifestyle. No medication should be mixed or taken without a physician’s consent. Taking the wrong medicine can greatly increase the risks of diabetes as well as overall general health.

There is information that everyone needs to be aware of when taking the Glynase medication. An individual’s doctor will explain the procedure according to the patient’s system and lifestyle. Always follow the physician’s advice and directions.

  1. The Glynase tablet should be taken in the morning with food. If an individual is prescribed a twice-a-day regiment, then after the first dose wait 12 hours for the second tablet. This medication needs to be taken at the same time each day so the body can become acquainted with this procedure.
  2. Diet and exercise plays a large part in controlling an individual’s blood sugar level. This with the recommended dose can assist a person in keeping their glucose levels in the correct range. A lifestyle change as this one can also decrease the need for insulin injections in the future.
  3. An individual will need to discuss their medical history as well as other type of medication that are being consumed. It is vital that the physician is well aware of a person’s system and their lifestyle.
  4. The Glynase medication will lower an individual’s blood sugar level. It is important to check this often with a tester. If the blood sugar is lower than it should be, do not take a pill. This could cause diabetic shock or a coma. Instead eat something with high sugar content and wait 30 minutes. Then test again, if the glucose levels are still low, seek medical advice right away.

With any medication, an individual may suffer from side effects. Sometimes they are rare but could appear at anytime. It is vital to discuss this matter in detail with the patient’s doctor to know what to do in case of an emergency. Some side effects are just a bothersome occurrence while other could damage an individual’s overall health.

  1. A person may experience stomach issues. These can be nausea, putting on weight or severe heartburn. Other problems may be present as well. The stomach problems may leave on their own after an individual has been on the treatment for a while. However, if this persists or become worse, seek medical advice immediately.
  2. Jaundice like symptoms, fevers, massive dizziness or higher fatigue problems can be a major alarm. Quick bruising, mood changes or fluctuation and any other problems that is not normal for the patient can be serious. It is vital to contact the person’s doctor right away if these issues are apparent.
  3. When an individual is first prescribed this medication, it is important to communicate to the doctor on any history of allergic reactions. With the Glynase tablets, reactions can be harmful if the individual continues to take the medication. This is a rare occurrence but it can happen in certain patients. Having difficulty breathing, dizziness or a rash that covers a large portion of the body could all be warning signs. Stop taking the medication and visit a medical care provider right away.

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