Insulin Reactions

Insulin Reactions: A rapid drop in blood sugar can cause serious damage or even death. Even with preventive measures, a person may experience this type of problem. There are various methods in preventing this from happening as well as raising your blood sugar when a sudden strike occurs. It is vital to always test blood sugar levels throughout the day. This should be done before or after meals, near bedtime as well as when exertion of the body has been preformed. Several reasons may be presented that can explain a sudden drop in these levels. A person needs to be aware of the warning signs as well as proper maintenance during the day to stay active and vital.

Causes for Sudden Blood Sugar Drops
A vigorous lifestyle or activities can be the main cause for this type of problem. Each day is different than the previous one. Preventive measures can control blood sugar levels. There are several methods that a person can take to assist in avoiding a sudden drop:

  1. Eat regularly. A person needs to maintain their food intake during the day. It is suggested that a person with diabetes needs to eat healthy and they cannot miss a meal or snack.
  2. Keep a notebook of insulin intake. Too much of this medicine can cause a drop in blood sugar quickly and can damage an individual’s body.
  3. When practicing an exercise regiment, check the levels before and after. Eating a small snack before you begin will assist in keeping the blood sugar at a steady amount.

Signs of Rapid Blood Sugar Drops
There are various signs that can assist a person or their loved ones to know when they are experiencing this problem. Levels can drop without any warning; however there are sure signs that are present when this has occurred. Diabetics as well as friends and family of diabetics should study and know the following warning signs:

  1. If an individual has not eaten in a while or is feeling stomach pains, this is a sure sign that their levels are dropping rapidly.
  2. The individual’s mood is a tell tale sign of this type of problem. A person that is usually happy and easy going may experience anger, aggravation or become upset.
  3. If a person is having troubles walking because of minimal leg movements, dizziness or falling over, this could be related to the drop in levels.
  4. Unnatural behavior for the individual can be another warning sign. If an individual is sweating for no other apparent reason, if they are shaking slightly or uncontrollably, their skin tones are lighter than normal, immediate action needs to take place.

What to do in case of Blood Sugar Drops
If the individual is unresponsive or unconscious seek a medical professional immediately. Do not give the person insulin. This medicine lowers blood sugar, it does not raise it. If they are able to communicate and understand what is being said, the following can be a quick method in restoring an individual’s blood sugar.

  1. Hard candy is the favorite among many. Various diabetics keep this on hand in their home, car or pocket in case a strike occurs.
  2. Sometimes hard candy is not present. Anything with a good amount of sugar can do the trick. Gum, mints and candy bars can assist in this matter. Remember, sugarless products, will not help.
  3. If the person can eat a meal, feed them immediately.
  4. When all of the options have been exhausted and the person is still feeling sick, seek medical advice immediately.