Exercises For Diabetics During Pregnancy

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Exercises For Diabetics During PregnancyIt is routine for doctors to suggest exercise for their pregnant patients. When those patients have diabetes too, exercise is even more important. The doctor will make the final determination as to what exercise is appropriate. However, it is good to explore the options ahead of time.

Walking. If you have not been particularly active, walking is an activity that you can probably still do. Most pregnant women can walk for 20 to 30 minutes several times a week. Such a low-impact activity is easy on the mother and child. You can control your pace easily, so it is easy to keep from overdoing it.

Swimming. A great aerobic activity, swimming helps pregnant women move easily without feeling the weight of their bodies. The buoyancy they feel in the water makes them able to exercise comfortably. The only thing to be aware of if you have gestational diabetes is that the water must be clean and treated properly so that you do not pick up any infections.

Recumbent bicycle. The problem with a regular exercise bicycle is that the seat is not designed well for pregnant women. A recumbent bicycle has a seat that looks like a chair. It allows the pregnant woman to exercise without straining her pelvic or abdominal areas. At the same time, the activity provided will help diabetics to lower blood sugar.

Arm ergo meter. This is a machine that helps you to work your arm muscles while putting little stress on your lower body. Sometimes, a pregnancy is especially vulnerable to pressure to the pelvis. An arm ergo meter allows pregnant diabetics to get their metabolism going without endangering their pregnancies.

Special exercise classes. There are classes given in gyms, community centers, and hospital centers for expectant mothers. These are helpful for pregnant women who are struggling with diabetes along with their pregnancies. If you take one of these classes, you can do what is comfortable for you and rest when the action is too intense. One advantage of going to the classes is that you are observed doing the activities. If anything seems wrong, the leader of the group should see to your needs.

Exercise videos. There are exercise videos that are available for home use. It is important if you use these videos that you understand whether they are safe for use during pregnancy. If you have any doubts, you can ask your doctor. Chances are your doctor will not have time to review the tape, but a medical assistant may be able to look it over for you. Never try a video exercise program if your doctor’s staff does not approve it.

No matter what exercise you want to do, you should tell your doctor all about it. It is dangerous to start a vigorous exercise program while you are pregnant. Your doctor needs to know if you are pushing yourself too far. You also need advice on how to monitor your blood sugar levels. Your doctor will tell you how to react to low or high blood sugar readings. Your doctor is trained to tell you what exercises are right for you.

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