Diabetes, Pregnancy And Skincare

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Sometimes women’s skin clears up during pregnancy and other times it breaks out. Diabetes can make skin care even more difficult for pregnant women. The disease can keep women’s skin from fighting infections or from healing properly. It is possible to take care of the skin even with diabetes.

Boils are bacterial infections that come up around a hair follicle. They require treatment with antibiotics. If high blood sugar levels are a problem, they may be slow to heal. If this is the case, the doctor needs to be consulted for further care. It is not wise to let infections like this go untreated.

There are several fungal infections that are common among all people. The trouble is that they can be extremely severe when people have diabetes during their pregnancy and get these fungal infections. They must be taken care of as soon as possible.

One is Candida albicans. This fungal infection can occur anywhere the woman has warm, moist folds of skin. The infections under the breasts, in the armpits, and between fingers and toes are difficult enough. When this fungal infection enters the groin area, it can affect the baby, especially on delivery.

Pregnant women who have out of control diabetes should be aware of a fungal infection called mucomyocosis. This fungus may seem to be a simple sinus infection at first, but it can rapidly cause problems in the lungs and brain. One of the signs is that the skin over the sinus areas will be red and sometimes oozing. This skin condition needs immediate attention.

There are also skin problems caused by high cholesterol and blood fat levels. Eruptive xanthomatosis is one that shows up as yellow waxy bumps ringed in red, which are very itchy. They can be found on the backs of legs, arms, and on the buttocks. The only ways to help with these skin eruptions are to control blood fats and sugars.

The best thing a pregnant woman with diabetes can do for her skin is to protect it in the first place. Keeping blood sugar levels in check is the most effective way to do that. It allows the body to heal itself and fight off infections that attack the skin.

It is also helpful to prevent dry skin. If the skin becomes so dry that it cracks open, infections can enter easily. Women with poorly controlled blood sugar levels will have trouble with their skin because their blood supply is not what it should be. Keeping the skin moist helps protect it under these circumstances.

Any diabetic person should consult with a doctor whenever it becomes obvious that a skin problem is not going to go away. The doctor has many options for treating it, including specific medications for different kinds of conditions. It is better to say something to the doctor too soon rather than too late.

Knowing about the different types of skin problems that might occur is helpful for women with diabetes who are pregnant. Once they know what is possible, they can be on the lookout for problems before they happen. Simple home care or a doctor’s treatment can mean the difference between troubles and a healthy mother and baby.

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